DS Portnoy
DS Portnoy
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World phylogeography and male‐mediated gene flow in the sandbar shark, Carcharhinus plumbeus
DS Portnoy, JR McDowell, EJ Heist, JA Musick, JE Graves
Molecular Ecology 19 (10), 1994-2010, 2010
These aren’t the loci you’e looking for: Principles of effective SNP filtering for molecular ecologists
SJ O'Leary, JB Puritz, SC Willis, CM Hollenbeck, DS Portnoy
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DS Portnoy, JB Puritz, CM Hollenbeck, J Gelsleichter, D Chapman, ...
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Molecular markers: progress and prospects for understanding reproductive ecology in elasmobranchs
DS Portnoy, EJ Heist
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JD Selwyn, JD Hogan, AM Downey-Wall, LM Gurski, DS Portnoy, ...
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Frequency of Multiple Paternity in the Spiny Dogfish Squalus acanthias in the Western North Atlantic
A Veríssimo, D Grubbs, J McDowell, J Musick, D Portnoy
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BA Keller, NF Putman, RD Grubbs, DS Portnoy, TP Murphy
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DS Portnoy, CM Hollenbeck, JS Johnston, HM Casman, JR Gold
Journal of Fish Biology 85 (2), 502-508, 2014
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