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Bram Vrancken
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SpreaD3: interactive visualization of spatiotemporal history and trait evolutionary processes
F Bielejec, G Baele, B Vrancken, MA Suchard, A Rambaut, P Lemey
Molecular biology and evolution 33 (8), 2167-2169, 2016
The genealogical population dynamics of HIV-1 in a large transmission chain: bridging within and among host evolutionary rates
B Vrancken, A Rambaut, MA Suchard, A Drummond, G Baele, ...
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Distinct effects of T-705 (favipiravir) and ribavirin on influenza virus replication and viral RNA synthesis
E Vanderlinden, B Vrancken, J Van Houdt, VK Rajwanshi, S Gillemot, ...
Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy 60 (11), 6679-6691, 2016
HIV rebound is predominantly fueled by genetically identical viral expansions from diverse reservoirs
MA De Scheerder, B Vrancken, S Dellicour, T Schlub, E Lee, W Shao, ...
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HIV persists throughout deep tissues with repopulation from multiple anatomical sources
A Chaillon, S Gianella, S Dellicour, SA Rawlings, TE Schlub, ...
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Measles virus and rinderpest virus divergence dated to the sixth century BCE
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Host ecology determines the dispersal patterns of a plant virus
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Disentangling the role of Africa in the global spread of H5 highly pathogenic avian influenza
A Fusaro, B Zecchin, B Vrancken, C Abolnik, R Ademun, A Alassane, ...
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Recent advances in computational phylodynamics
G Baele, S Dellicour, MA Suchard, P Lemey, B Vrancken
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Covering all bases in HIV research: unveiling a hidden world of viral evolution.
B Vrancken, S Lequime, K Theys, P Lemey
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Simultaneously estimating evolutionary history and repeated traits phylogenetic signal: applications to viral and host phenotypic evolution
B Vrancken, P Lemey, A Rambaut, T Bedford, B Longdon, HF Günthard, ...
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 6 (1), 67-82, 2015
Contribution of epidemiological predictors in unraveling the phylogeographic history of HIV-1 subtype C in Brazil
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Transmission dynamics of re-emerging rabies in domestic dogs of rural China
H Tian, Y Feng, B Vrancken, B Cazelles, H Tan, MS Gill, Q Yang, Y Li, ...
PLoS pathogens 14 (12), e1007392, 2018
Discovery and genome characterization of three new Jeilongviruses, a lineage of paramyxoviruses characterized by their unique membrane proteins
B Vanmechelen, M Bletsa, L Laenen, AR Lopes, V Vergote, L Beller, ...
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The epidemic dynamics of hepatitis C virus subtypes 4a and 4d in Saudi Arabia
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On the importance of negative controls in viral landscape phylogeography
S Dellicour, B Vrancken, NS Trovao, D Fargette, P Lemey
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Cross-border spread, lineage displacement and evolutionary rate estimation of rabies virus in Yunnan Province, China
Y Zhang, B Vrancken, Y Feng, S Dellicour, Q Yang, W Yang, Y Zhang, ...
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Proposal for a new subtype of the zoonotic genotype 3 Hepatitis E virus: HEV-3l
L De Sabato, P Lemey, B Vrancken, L Bonfanti, L Ceglie, G Vaccari, ...
Virus research 248, 1-4, 2018
Comparing patterns and scales of plant virus phylogeography: Rice yellow mottle virus in Madagascar and in continental Africa
M Rakotomalala, B Vrancken, A Pinel-Galzi, P Ramavovololona, ...
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Implications of hepatitis C virus subtype 1a migration patterns for virus genetic sequencing policies in Italy
L Cuypers, B Vrancken, L Fabeni, N Marascio, V Cento, VC Di Maio, ...
BMC Evolutionary Biology 17 (1), 1-10, 2017
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