Yuan Zhang
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High‐efficiency polymer solar cells enhanced by solvent treatment
H Zhou, Y Zhang, J Seifter, SD Collins, C Luo, GC Bazan, TQ Nguyen, ...
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Polymer homo‐tandem solar cells with best efficiency of 11.3%
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A Highly Efficient Non‐Fullerene Organic Solar Cell with a Fill Factor over 0.80 Enabled by a Fine‐Tuned Hole‐Transporting Layer
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Design of a New Fused‐Ring Electron Acceptor with Excellent Compatibility to Wide‐Bandgap Polymer Donors for High‐Performance Organic Photovoltaics
W Liu, J Zhang, Z Zhou, D Zhang, Y Zhang, S Xu, X Zhu
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Trap-free electron transport in poly (p-phenylene vinylene) by deactivation of traps with n-type doping
Y Zhang, B de Boer, PWM Blom
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Ternary organic solar cells with efficiency> 16.5% based on two compatible nonfullerene acceptors
J Song, C Li, L Zhu, J Guo, J Xu, X Zhang, K Weng, K Zhang, J Min, X Hao, ...
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Facile Doping of Anionic Narrow‐Band‐Gap Conjugated Polyelectrolytes During Dialysis
CK Mai, H Zhou, Y Zhang, ZB Henson, TQ Nguyen, AJ Heeger, GC Bazan
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A Biopolymer Heparin Sodium Interlayer Anchoring TiO2 and MAPbI3 Enhances Trap Passivation and Device Stability in Perovskite Solar Cells
S You, H Wang, S Bi, J Zhou, L Qin, X Qiu, Z Zhao, Y Xu, Y Zhang, X Shi, ...
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Solution‐Processed Ambipolar Field‐Effect Transistor Based on Diketopyrrolopyrrole Functionalized with Benzothiadiazole
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J Liu, Y Zhang, H Phan, A Sharenko, P Moonsin, B Walker, V Promarak, ...
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Solution-processed pH-neutral conjugated polyelectrolyte improves interfacial contact in organic solar cells
H Zhou, Y Zhang, CK Mai, J Seifter, TQ Nguyen, GC Bazan, AJ Heeger
ACS nano 9 (1), 371-377, 2015
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