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Recent introduction of a chytrid fungus endangers Western Palearctic salamanders
A Martel, M Blooi, C Adriaensen, P Van Rooij, W Beukema, MC Fisher, ...
Science 346 (6209), 630-631, 2014
Gradual adaptation toward a range-expansion phenotype initiated the global radiation of toads
I Van Bocxlaer, SP Loader, K Roelants, SD Biju, M Menegon, F Bossuyt
Science 327 (5966), 679-682, 2010
Late Cretaceous vicariance in Gondwanan amphibians
I Van Bocxlaer, K Roelants, SD Biju, J Nagaraju, F Bossuyt
PloS one 1 (1), e74, 2006
Toad radiation reveals into-India dispersal as a source of endemism in the Western Ghats-Sri Lanka biodiversity hotspot
I Van Bocxlaer, SD Biju, SP Loader, F Bossuyt
BMC evolutionary Biology 9 (1), 131, 2009
Discovery of a new family of amphibians from northeast India with ancient links to Africa
RG Kamei, D San Mauro, DJ Gower, I Van Bocxlaer, E Sherratt, A Thomas, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences, rspb20120150, 2012
Low genetic diversity in tepui summit vertebrates
PJR Kok, RD MacCulloch, DB Means, K Roelants, I Van Bocxlaer, ...
Current Biology 22 (15), R589-R590, 2012
Mountain-associated clade endemism in an ancient frog family (Nyctibatrachidae) on the Indian subcontinent
I Van Bocxlaer, SD Biju, B Willaert, VB Giri, YS Shouche, F Bossuyt
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 62 (3), 839-847, 2012
Frankixalus, a new rhacophorid genus of tree hole breeding frogs with oophagous tadpoles
SD Biju, G Senevirathne, S Garg, S Mahony, RG Kamei, A Thomas, ...
PLoS One 11 (1), e0145727, 2016
Two new endemic genera and a new species of toad (Anura: Bufonidae) from the Western Ghats of India
SD Biju, I Van Bocxlaer, VB Giri, SP Loader, F Bossuyt
BMC research notes 2 (1), 241, 2009
Frog nuptial pads secrete mating season-specific proteins related to salamander pheromones
B Willaert, F Bossuyt, S Janssenswillen, D Adriaens, G Baggerman, ...
Journal of Experimental Biology 216 (22), 4139-4143, 2013
Love is blind: indiscriminate female mating responses to male courtship pheromones in newts (Salamandridae)
D Treer, I Van Bocxlaer, S Matthijs, D Du Four, S Janssenswillen, ...
PloS one 8 (2), e56538, 2013
Origin and diversification of a salamander sex pheromone system
S Janssenswillen, W Vandebergh, D Treer, B Willaert, M Maex, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 32 (2), 472-480, 2014
Side-by-side secretion of Late Palaeozoic diverged courtship pheromones in an aquatic salamander
I Van Bocxlaer, D Treer, M Maex, W Vandebergh, S Janssenswillen, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences 282 (1803 …, 2015
Courtship Pheromone Use in a Model Urodele, the Mexican Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum)
M Maex, I Van Bocxlaer, A Mortier, P Proost, F Bossuyt
Scientific reports 6, 20184, 2016
A new nightfrog, Nyctibatrachus minimus sp. nov.(Anura: Nyctibatrachidae): the smallest frog from India
SD Biju, I Van Bocxlaer, VB Giri, K Roelants, J Nagaraju, F Bossuyt
Current Science, 854-858, 2007
High pheromone diversity in the male cheek gland of the red-spotted newt Notophthalmus viridescens (Salamandridae)
S Janssenswillen, B Willaert, D Treer, W Vandebergh, F Bossuyt, ...
BMC evolutionary biology 15 (1), 54, 2015
Recurrent functional divergence of early tetrapod keratins in amphibian toe pads and mammalian hair
W Vandebergh, M Maex, F Bossuyt, I Van Bocxlaer
Biology letters 9 (3), 20130051, 2013
Beyond sodefrin: evidence for a multi-component pheromone system in the model newt Cynops pyrrhogaster (Salamandridae)
I Van Bocxlaer, M Maex, D Treer, S Janssenswillen, R Janssens, ...
Scientific reports 6, 21880, 2016
Divergence of species‐specific protein sex pheromone blends in two related, nonhybridizing newts (Salamandridae)
D Treer, M Maex, I Van Bocxlaer, P Proost, F Bossuyt
Molecular ecology 27 (2), 508-519, 2018
Ancient pheromone blend as an alternative for copulation in internally fertilizing salamanders
I VanBocxlaer, D Treer, M Maex, W Vandebergh, S Janssenswillen, ...
PeerJ PrePrints, 2014
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