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Esteban O Mazzoni
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CTCF establishes discrete functional chromatin domains at the Hox clusters during differentiation
V Narendra, PP Rocha, D An, R Raviram, JA Skok, EO Mazzoni, ...
Science 347 (6225), 1017-1021, 2015
Stochastic spineless expression creates the retinal mosaic for colour vision
MF Wernet, EO Mazzoni, A Celik, DM Duncan, I Duncan, C Desplan
Nature 440 (7081), 174-180, 2006
An alternative splicing switch regulates embryonic stem cell pluripotency and reprogramming
M Gabut, P Samavarchi-Tehrani, X Wang, V Slobodeniuc, D O'Hanlon, ...
Cell 147 (1), 132-146, 2011
Homothorax switches function of Drosophila photoreceptors from color to polarized light sensors
MF Wernet, T Labhart, F Baumann, EO Mazzoni, F Pichaud, C Desplan
Cell 115 (3), 267-279, 2003
Synergistic binding of transcription factors to cell-specific enhancers programs motor neuron identity
EO Mazzoni, S Mahony, M Closser, CA Morrison, S Nedelec, DJ Williams, ...
Nature neuroscience 16 (9), 1219-1227, 2013
The growth regulators warts/lats and melted interact in a bistable loop to specify opposite fates in Drosophila R8 photoreceptors
T Mikeladze-Dvali, MF Wernet, D Pistillo, EO Mazzoni, AA Teleman, ...
Cell 122 (5), 775-787, 2005
Circadian pacemaker neurons transmit and modulate visual information to control a rapid behavioral response
EO Mazzoni, C Desplan, J Blau
Neuron 45 (2), 293-300, 2005
Drosophila CRYPTOCHROME Is a Circadian Transcriptional Repressor
B Collins, EO Mazzoni, R Stanewsky, J Blau
Current Biology 16 (5), 441-449, 2006
RNA localization is a key determinant of neurite-enriched proteome
A Zappulo, D Van Den Bruck, CC Mattioli, V Franke, K Imami, E McShane, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-13, 2017
Ligand-dependent dynamics of retinoic acid receptor binding during early neurogenesis
S Mahony, EO Mazzoni, S McCuine, RA Young, H Wichterle, DK Gifford
Genome biology 12 (1), 1-15, 2011
Saltatory remodeling of Hox chromatin in response to rostrocaudal patterning signals
EO Mazzoni, S Mahony, M Peljto, T Patel, SR Thornton, S McCuine, ...
Nature neuroscience 16 (9), 1191-1198, 2013
CTCF-mediated topological boundaries during development foster appropriate gene regulation
V Narendra, M Bulajić, J Dekker, EO Mazzoni, D Reinberg
Genes & development 30 (24), 2657-2662, 2016
Global control of motor neuron topography mediated by the repressive actions of a single hox gene
H Jung, J Lacombe, EO Mazzoni, KF Liem Jr, J Grinstein, S Mahony, ...
Neuron 67 (5), 781-796, 2010
Functional diversity of ESC-derived motor neuron subtypes revealed through intraspinal transplantation
M Peljto, JS Dasen, EO Mazzoni, TM Jessell, H Wichterle
Cell stem cell 7 (3), 355-366, 2010
Mir-17-3p controls spinal neural progenitor patterning by regulating Olig2/Irx3 cross-repressive loop
JA Chen, YP Huang, EO Mazzoni, GC Tan, J Zavadil, H Wichterle
Neuron 69 (4), 721-735, 2011
Wnt signaling specifies and patterns intestinal endoderm
RI Sherwood, R Maehr, EO Mazzoni, DA Melton
Mechanisms of development 128 (7-10), 387-400, 2011
Iroquois Complex Genes Induce Co-Expression of rhodopsins in Drosophila
EO Mazzoni, A Celik, MF Wernet, D Vasiliauskas, RJ Johnston, TA Cook, ...
PLoS biology 6 (4), e97, 2008
CRISPR-dCas9 and sgRNA scaffolds enable dual-colour live imaging of satellite sequences and repeat-enriched individual loci
Y Fu, PP Rocha, VM Luo, R Raviram, Y Deng, EO Mazzoni, JA Skok
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Embryonic stem cell–based mapping of developmental transcriptional programs
EO Mazzoni, S Mahony, M Iacovino, CA Morrison, G Mountoufaris, ...
Nature methods 8 (12), 1056-1058, 2011
Distinct visual pathways mediate Drosophila larval light avoidance and circadian clock entrainment
AC Keene, EO Mazzoni, J Zhen, MA Younger, S Yamaguchi, J Blau, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 31 (17), 6527-6534, 2011
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