Helgi I. Ingˇlfsson
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Lipid organization of the plasma membrane
HI Ingólfsson, MN Melo, FJ van Eerden, C Arnarez, CA Lopez, ...
Journal of the american chemical society 136 (41), 14554-14559, 2014
Computational Lipidomics with insane: A Versatile Tool for Generating Custom Membranes for Molecular Simulations
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The power of coarse graining in biomolecular simulations
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Lipid bilayer regulation of membrane protein function: gramicidin channels as molecular force probes
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The inhibitory effect of (−)-epigallocatechin gallate on activation of the epidermal growth factor receptor is associated with altered lipid order in HT29 colon cancer cells
S Adachi, T Nagao, HI Ingolfsson, FR Maxfield, OS Andersen, ...
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Martini straight: boosting performance using a shorter cutoff and GPUs
DH De Jong, S Baoukina, HI Ingˇlfsson, SJ Marrink
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Dry Martini, a coarse-grained force field for lipid membrane simulations with implicit solvent
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Phytochemicals perturb membranes and promiscuously alter protein function
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CHARMM-GUI Martini maker for coarse-grained simulations with the Martini force field
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Martini coarse-grained force field: extension to DNA
JJ Uusitalo, HI Ingˇlfsson, P Akhshi, DP Tieleman, SJ Marrink
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Computational modeling of realistic cell membranes
SJ Marrink, V Corradi, PCT Souza, HI Ingólfsson, DP Tieleman, ...
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Curcumin is a modulator of bilayer material properties
HI Ingolfsson, RE Koeppe, OS Andersen
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Mixing MARTINI: electrostatic coupling in hybrid atomistic–coarse-grained biomolecular simulations
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Computational ‘microscopy’of cellular membranes
HI Ingˇlfsson, C Arnarez, X Periole, SJ Marrink
J Cell Sci 129 (2), 257-268, 2016
Alcohol's effects on lipid bilayer properties
HI Ingˇlfsson, OS Andersen
Biophysical journal 101 (4), 847-855, 2011
Lipid–protein interactions are unique fingerprints for membrane proteins
V Corradi, E Mendez-Villuendas, HI Ingólfsson, RX Gu, I Siuda, MN Melo, ...
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Computational Lipidomics of the Neuronal Plasma Membrane
HI Ingˇlfsson, TS Carpenter, H Bhatia, PT Bremer, SJ Marrink, ...
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Parameters for Martini sterols and hopanoids based on a virtual-site description
MN Melo, HI Ingˇlfsson, SJ Marrink
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Lipid and Peptide Diffusion in Bilayers: The Saffman–Delbrück Model and Periodic Boundary Conditions
RM Venable, HI Ingˇlfsson, MG Lerner, BS Perrin Jr, BA Camley, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 121 (15), 3443-3457, 2017
Ganglioside-lipid and ganglioside-protein interactions revealed by coarse-grained and atomistic molecular dynamics simulations
RX Gu, HI Ingólfsson, AH de Vries, SJ Marrink, DP Tieleman
The journal of physical chemistry. B 121 (15), 3262, 2017
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