Cedric Morana
Cedric Morana
Chemical Oceanography Unit - ULiege - FNRS postdoctoral researcher
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Globally significant greenhouse-gas emissions from African inland waters
AV Borges, F Darchambeau, CR Teodoru, TR Marwick, F Tamooh, ...
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Chronic hyperosmotic stress interferes with immune homeostasis in striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus, S.) and leads to excessive inflammatory response during …
M Schmitz, J Douxfils, SNM Mandiki, C Morana, S Baekelandt, ...
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M Llirós, JP Descy, X Libert, C Morana, M Schmitz, L Wimba, ...
Lake Kivu, 85-105, 2012
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