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A root chicory MADS box sequence and the Arabidopsis flowering repressor FLC share common features that suggest conserved function in vernalization and de …
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Contribution of the β‐glucosidase BglC to the onset of the pathogenic lifestyle of Streptomyces scabies
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The chlorophyll a fluorescence induction curve in the green microalga Haematococcus pluvialis: further insight into the nature of the P–S–M fluctuation and its relationship …
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Integrated circuit components incorporating energy harvesting components/devices, and methods for fabrication, manufacture and production of integrated circuit components …
CD Boyd
US Patent App. 10/096,648, 2018
PREDetector 2.0: Online and Enhanced Version of the Prokaryotic Regulatory Elements Detector Tool
P Tocquin, A Naome, S Jourdan, S Anderssen, S Hiard, GP van Wezel, ...
Improving recombinant protein production by silencing rhizosecreted proteases in Arabidopsis thaliana with an amiRNA approach
J Lallemand, C Périlleux, P Tocquin
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