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Clemens Scheufler
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Structure of TPR domain–peptide complexes: critical elements in the assembly of the Hsp70–Hsp90 multichaperone machine
C Scheufler, A Brinker, G Bourenkov, S Pegoraro, L Moroder, H Bartunik, ...
Cell 101 (2), 199-210, 2000
Structure of a Bag/Hsc70 complex: convergent functional evolution of Hsp70 nucleotide exchange factors
H Sondermann, C Scheufler, C Schneider, J Höhfeld, FU Hartl, I Moarefi
Science 291 (5508), 1553-1557, 2001
Crystal structure of human bone morphogenetic protein-2 at 2.7 Å resolution
C Scheufler, W Sebald, M Hülsmeyer
Journal of molecular biology 287 (1), 103-115, 1999
Structure of the molecular chaperone prefoldin: unique interaction of multiple coiled coil tentacles with unfolded proteins
R Siegert, MR Leroux, C Scheufler, FU Hartl, I Moarefi
Cell 103 (4), 621-632, 2000
Ligand discrimination by TPR domains: Relevance and selectivity of EEVD-recognition in Hsp70· Hop· Hsp90 complexes
A Brinker, C Scheufler, F Von der Mülbe, B Fleckenstein, C Herrmann, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 (22), 19265-19275, 2002
Modulation of activation-loop phosphorylation by JAK inhibitors is binding mode dependent
R Andraos, Z Qian, D Bonenfant, J Rubert, E Vangrevelinghe, C Scheufler, ...
Cancer discovery 2 (6), 512-523, 2012
Blockade of activin type II receptors with a dual anti-ActRIIA/IIB antibody is critical to promote maximal skeletal muscle hypertrophy
F Morvan, JM Rondeau, C Zou, G Minetti, C Scheufler, M Scharenberg, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (47), 12448-12453, 2017
Pyrrolo-pyrimidones: a novel class of MK2 inhibitors with potent cellular activity
A Schlapbach, R Feifel, S Hawtin, R Heng, G Koch, H Moebitz, L Revesz, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 18 (23), 6142-6146, 2008
Novel 3-aminopyrazole inhibitors of MK-2 discovered by scaffold hopping strategy
J Velcicky, R Feifel, S Hawtin, R Heng, C Huppertz, G Koch, M Kroemer, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 20 (3), 1293-1297, 2010
Discovery of novel Dot1L inhibitors through a structure-based fragmentation approach
C Chen, H Zhu, F Stauffer, G Caravatti, S Vollmer, R Machauer, P Holzer, ...
ACS medicinal chemistry letters 7 (8), 735-740, 2016
In vivo and in vitro SAR of tetracyclic MAPKAP-K2 (MK2) inhibitors. Part II
L Revesz, A Schlapbach, R Aichholz, J Dawson, R Feifel, S Hawtin, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 20 (15), 4719-4723, 2010
Optimization of a fragment-based screening hit toward potent DOT1L inhibitors interacting in an induced binding pocket
C Scheufler, H Möbitz, C Gaul, C Ragot, C Be, C Fernández, KS Beyer, ...
ACS medicinal chemistry letters 7 (8), 730-734, 2016
Discovery of LOU064 (Remibrutinib), a potent and highly selective covalent inhibitor of Bruton’s Tyrosine Kinase
D Angst, F Gessier, P Janser, A Vulpetti, R Walchli, C Beerli, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 63 (10), 5102-5118, 2020
Discovery of potent, selective, and structurally novel Dot1L inhibitors by a fragment linking approach
H Möbitz, R Machauer, P Holzer, A Vaupel, F Stauffer, C Ragot, ...
ACS medicinal chemistry letters 8 (3), 338-343, 2017
Crystal structures of two cyanobacterial response regulators in apo-and phosphorylated form reveal a novel dimerization motif of phytochrome-associated response regulators
C Benda, C Scheufler, NT de Marsac, W Gärtner
Biophysical journal 87 (1), 476-487, 2004
Large scale meta-analysis of fragment-based screening campaigns: privileged fragments and complementary technologies
PS Kutchukian, AM Wassermann, MK Lindvall, SK Wright, J Ottl, J Jacob, ...
Journal of biomolecular screening 20 (5), 588-596, 2015
Applications of biophysics in high-throughput screening hit validation
CC Genick, D Barlier, D Monna, R Brunner, C Bé, C Scheufler, J Ottl
Journal of biomolecular screening 19 (5), 707-714, 2014
In vivo and in vitro SAR of tetracyclic MAPKAP-K2 (MK2) inhibitors. Part I
L Revesz, A Schlapbach, R Aichholz, R Feifel, S Hawtin, R Heng, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 20 (15), 4715-4718, 2010
An improved gas-stream heating device for a single-crystal diffractometer
C Scheufler, KV Engel, A Kirfel
Journal of applied crystallography 30 (3), 411-412, 1997
Detecting S-adenosyl-L-methionine-induced conformational change of a histone methyltransferase using a homogeneous time-resolved fluorescence-based binding assay
Y Lin, H Fan, M Frederiksen, K Zhao, L Jiang, Z Wang, S Zhou, W Guo, ...
Analytical biochemistry 423 (1), 171-177, 2012
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