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First insights into the diversity of gill monogeneans of ‘Gnathochromis’ and Limnochromis (Teleostei, Cichlidae) in Burundi: do the parasites mirror host ecology and …
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Co-introduction success of monogeneans infecting the fisheries target Limnothrissa miodon differs between two non-native areas: the potential of parasites as a tag …
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From the Atlantic coast to Lake Tanganyika: gill-infecting flatworms of freshwater pellonuline clupeid fishes in West and Central Africa, with description of eleven new species …
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Dactylogyridae 2021: Seeing the forest through the (phylogenetic) trees
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An insight into the functional genomics and species classification of Eudiplozoon nipponicum (Monogenea, Diplozoidae), a haematophagous parasite of the common carp Cyprinus carpio
J Vorel, N Kmentová, C Hahn, P Bureš, M Kašnŭ
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