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Erwan Corre
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The Ectocarpus genome and the independent evolution of multicellularity in brown algae
JM Cock, L Sterck, P Rouzé, D Scornet, AE Allen, G Amoutzias, ...
Nature 465 (7298), 617, 2010
A large and consistent phylogenomic dataset supports sponges as the sister group to all other animals
P Simion, H Philippe, D Baurain, M Jager, DJ Richter, A Di Franco, ...
Current Biology 27 (7), 958-967, 2017
Zobellia galactanovorans gen. nov., sp. nov., a marine species of Flavobacteriaceae isolated from a red alga, and classification of [Cytophaga] uliginosa (ZoBell and Upham 1944 …
T Barbeyron, S L'Haridon, E Corre, B Kloareg, P Potin
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology 51 (3 …, 2001
Thermococcus gammatolerans sp. nov., a hyperthermophilic archaeon from a deep-sea hydrothermal vent that resists ionizing radiation
E Jolivet, S L'Haridon, E Corre, P Forterre, D Prieur
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 53 (3 …, 2003
ɛ-Proteobacterial diversity from a deep-sea hydrothermal vent on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
E Corre, AL Reysenbach, D Prieur
FEMS Microbiology Letters 205 (2), 329-335, 2001
Global expression analysis of the brown alga Ectocarpus siliculosus (Phaeophyceae) reveals large-scale reprogramming of the transcriptome in response to abiotic stress
SM Dittami, D Scornet, JL Petit, B Ségurens, C Da Silva, E Corre, ...
Genome biology 10 (6), R66, 2009
Methanococcus vulcanius sp. nov., a novel hyperthermophilic methanogen isolated from East Pacific Rise, and identification of Methanococcus sp. DSM 4213Tas Methanococcus …
C Jeanthon, S l'Haridon, AL Reysenbach, E Corre, M Vernet, P Messner, ...
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 49 (2 …, 1999
V Roeder, J Collén, S Rousvoal, E Corre, C Leblanc, C Boyen
Journal of Phycology 41 (6), 1227-1235, 2005
An expressed sequence tag analysis of the intertidal brown seaweeds Fucus serratus (L.) and F. vesiculosus (L.)(Heterokontophyta, Phaeophyceae) in response to abiotic stressors
GA Pearson, G Hoarau, A Lago-Leston, JA Coyer, M Kube, R Reinhardt, ...
Marine Biotechnology 12 (2), 195-213, 2010
Life-cycle-generation-specific developmental processes are modified in the immediate upright mutant of the brown alga Ectocarpus siliculosus
AF Peters, D Scornet, M Ratin, B Charrier, A Monnier, Y Merrien, E Corre, ...
Development 135 (8), 1503-1512, 2008
Plastid genomes of two brown algae, Ectocarpus siliculosus and Fucus vesiculosus: further insights on the evolution of red-algal derived plastids
G Le Corguillé, G Pearson, M Valente, C Viegas, B Gschloessl, E Corre, ...
BMC Evolutionary Biology 9 (1), 253, 2009
A haploid system of sex determination in the brown alga Ectocarpus sp.
S Ahmed, JM Cock, E Pessia, R Luthringer, A Cormier, M Robuchon, ...
Current biology 24 (17), 1945-1957, 2014
Thermococcus marinus sp. nov. and Thermococcus radiotolerans sp. nov., two hyperthermophilic archaea from deep-sea hydrothermal vents that resist ionizing radiation
E Jolivet, E Corre, S L’Haridon, P Forterre, D Prieur
Extremophiles 8 (3), 219-227, 2004
Characterization of mannuronan C-5-epimerase genes from the brown alga Laminaria digitata
P Nyvall, E Corre, C Boisset, T Barbeyron, S Rousvoal, D Scornet, ...
Plant physiology 133 (2), 726-735, 2003
Characterization of mannuronan C-5-epimerase genes from the brown alga Laminaria digitata
P Nyvall, E Corre, C Boisset, T Barbeyron, S Rousvoal, D Scornet, ...
Plant physiology 133 (2), 726-735, 2003
NADPH oxidases in Eukaryotes: red algae provide new hints!
C Hervé, T Tonon, J Collén, E Corre, C Boyen
Current genetics 49 (3), 190-204, 2006
A sequence‐tagged genetic map for the brown alga Ectocarpus siliculosus provides large‐scale assembly of the genome sequence
S Heesch, GY Cho, AF Peters, G Le Corguillé, C Falentin, G Boutet, ...
New Phytologist 188 (1), 42-51, 2010
Sexual Dimorphism and the Evolution of Sex-Biased Gene Expression in the Brown Alga Ectocarpus
A Lipinska, A Cormier, R Luthringer, AF Peters, E Corre, CMM Gachon, ...
Molecular Biology and Evolution 32 (6), 1581-1597, 2015
Transcriptome and peptidome characterisation of the main neuropeptides and peptidic hormones of a euphausiid: the Ice Krill, Euphausia crystallorophias
JY Toullec, E Corre, B Bernay, MAS Thorne, K Cascella, C Ollivaux, ...
PloS one 8 (8), e71609, 2013
Novel uncultured Epsilonproteobacteria dominate a filamentous sulphur mat from the 13°N hydrothermal vent field, East Pacific Rise
H Moussard, E Corre, MA Cambon-Bonavita, Y Fouquet, C Jeanthon
FEMS microbiology ecology 58 (3), 449-463, 2006
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