Adam van Casteren
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The role of dust, grit and phytoliths in tooth wear
PW Lucas, A van Casteren, K Al-Fadhalah, AS Almusallam, AG Henry, ...
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The Feeding Biomechanics and Dietary Ecology of Paranthropus boisei
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Nest-building orangutans demonstrate engineering know-how to produce safe, comfortable beds
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Transverse stresses and modes of failure in tree branches and other beams
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The wear and tear of teeth
PW Lucas, A Van Casteren
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Why don’t branches snap? The mechanics of bending failure in three temperate angiosperm trees
A Van Casteren, WI Sellers, SKS Thorpe, S Coward, RH Crompton, ...
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Sea otter dental enamel is highly resistant to chipping due to its microstructure
C Ziscovici, PW Lucas, PJ Constantino, TG Bromage, A Van Casteren
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Feeding and oral processing behaviors of two colobine monkeys in Tai Forest, Ivory Coast
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Factors affecting the compliance and sway properties of tree branches used by the Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii)
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Foot morphology and substrate adhesion in the Madagascan hissing cockroach, Gromphadorhina portentosa
A van Casteren, JR Codd
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Evidence that metallic proxies are unsuitable for assessing the mechanics of microwear formation and a new theory of the meaning of microwear
A van Casteren, PW Lucas, DS Strait, S Michael, N Bierwisch, ...
Royal Society open science 5 (5), 171699, 2018
Sonation in the male common snipe (Capella gallinago gallinago L.) is achieved by a flag-like fluttering of their tail feathers and consequent vortex shedding
A Van Casteren, JR Codd, JD Gardiner, H McGhie, AR Ennos
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Structure and scale of the mechanics of mammalian dental enamel viewed from an evolutionary perspective
PW Lucas, SM Philip, D Al‐Qeoud, N Al‐Draihim, S Saji, A van Casteren
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Mineral deposits in Ficus leaves: morphologies and locations in relation to function
M Pierantoni, R Tenne, B Rephael, V Brumfeld, A van Casteren, ...
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Novel developments in field mechanics
A van Casteren, V Venkataraman, AR Ennos, PW Lucas
Journal of human evolution 98, 5-17, 2016
Dental abrasion as a cutting process
PW Lucas, M Wagner, K Al-Fadhalah, AS Almusallam, S Michael, LA Thai, ...
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Tooth wear: A response to" Scratching the surface: A critique of Lucas et al.(2013)'s conclusion that phytoliths do not abrade enamel"[J. Hum. Evol. 74 (2014) 130-133].
PW Lucas, R Omar, K Al-Fadhalah, AS Almusallam, AG Henry, S Michael, ...
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Human bipedal instability in tree canopy environments is reduced by “light touch” fingertip support
L Johannsen, SRL Coward, GR Martin, AM Wing, A van Casteren, ...
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A new report of chimpanzee ant-fishing from the Issa valley, Tanzania
AK Piel
African Primates 11 (1), 1-18, 2016
Hard plant tissues do not contribute meaningfully to dental microwear: evolutionary implications
A van Casteren, DS Strait, MV Swain, S Michael, LA Thai, SM Philip, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 1-9, 2020
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