Francisco Conejero-Lara
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The native state conformational ensemble of the SH3 domain from α-spectrin
M Sadqi, S Casares, MA Abril, O López-Mayorga, F Conejero-Lara, ...
Biochemistry 38 (28), 8899-8906, 1999
Unfolding and aggregation during the thermal denaturation of streptokinase
AI Azuaga, CM Dobson, PL Mateo, F Conejero‐Lara
The FEBS Journal 269 (16), 4121-4133, 2002
Environmental conditions affect the kinetics of nucleation of amyloid fibrils and determine their morphology
B Morel, L Varela, AI Azuaga, F Conejero-Lara
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Identification of a chemoreceptor for tricarboxylic acid cycle intermediates differential chemotactic response towards receptor ligands
J Lacal, C Alfonso, X Liu, RE Parales, B Morel, F Conejero-Lara, G Rivas, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (30), 23126-23136, 2010
The domain organization of streptokinase: nuclear magnetic resonance, circular dichroism, and functional characterization of proteolytic fragments
J Parrado, F Conejero‐Lara, RAG Smith, JM Marshall, CP Ponting, ...
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Differential scanning calorimetric study of carboxypeptidase B, procarboxypeptidase B and its globular activation domain
The FEBS Journal 200 (3), 663-670, 1991
The thermodynamic stability of amyloid fibrils studied by differential scanning calorimetry
B Morel, L Varela, F Conejero-Lara
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Effect of zinc (2+) on the thermal denaturation of carboxypeptidase B
F Conejero-Lara, PL Mateo, FX Aviles, JM Sanchez-Ruiz
Biochemistry 30 (8), 2067-2072, 1991
A single mutation induces amyloid aggregation in the α-spectrin SH3 domain: analysis of the early stages of fibril formation
B Morel, S Casares, F Conejero-Lara
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Analysis of the interactions between streptokinase domains and human plasminogen
F Conejero‐Lara, J Parrad, AI Azuaga, CM Dobson, CP Ponting
Protein science 7 (10), 2190-2199, 1998
Thermal stability of the three domains of streptokinase studied by circular dichroism and nuclear magnetic resonance
F Conejero‐Lara, J Parrado, AI Azuaga, RAG Smith, CP Ponting, ...
Protein science 5 (12), 2583-2591, 1996
Characterization of oligomers of heterogeneous size as precursors of amyloid fibril nucleation of an SH3 domain: an experimental kinetics study
D Ruzafa, B Morel, L Varela, AI Azuaga, F Conejero-Lara
PloS one 7 (11), e49690, 2012
Detection and characterization of partially unfolded oligomers of the SH3 domain of α-spectrin
S Casares, M Sadqi, O López-Mayorga, F Conejero-Lara, ...
Biophysical journal 86 (4), 2403-2413, 2004
Cooperative propagation of local stability changes from low‐stability and high‐stability regions in a SH3 domain
S Casares, O López‐Mayorga, MC Vega, A Cámara‐Artigas, ...
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 67 (3), 531-547, 2007
The high-resolution NMR structure of the R21A Spc-SH3: P41 complex: Understanding the determinants of binding affinity by comparison with Abl-SH3
S Casares, AB Eiso, H Eshuis, O Lopez-Mayorga, NAJ van Nuland, ...
BMC structural biology 7 (1), 22, 2007
Presence of a slow dimerization equilibrium on the thermal unfolding of the 205-316 thermolysin fragment at neutral pH
F Conejero-Lara, PL Mateo
Biochemistry 35 (11), 3477-3486, 1996
The influence of effectors and subunit interactions on Escherichia coli carbamoyl-phosphate synthetase studied by differential scanning calorimetry.
J Cervera, F Conejero-Lara, J Ruiz-Sanz, ML Galisteo, PL Mateo, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 268 (17), 12504-12511, 1993
Structural cooperativity in the SH3 domain studied by site‐directed mutagenesis and amide hydrogen exchange
S Casares, M Sadqi, O López-Mayorga, JC Martı́nez, F Conejero-Lara
FEBS letters 539 (1-3), 125-130, 2003
The high-resolution NMR structure of a single-chain chimeric protein mimicking a SH3–peptide complex
AM Candel, F Conejero-Lara, JC Martinez, NAJ van Nuland, M Bruix
FEBS letters 581 (4), 687-692, 2007
A single mutation in an SH3 domain increases amyloid aggregation by accelerating nucleation, but not by destabilizing thermodynamically the native state
L Varela, B Morel, AI Azuaga, F Conejero-Lara
FEBS letters 583 (4), 801-806, 2009
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