Anupam Yadav
Anupam Yadav
Material, Process, Physics Engineer & Researcher at KU LEUVEN
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Cited by
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TW Liao, A Yadav, KJ Hu, J van der Tol, S Cosentino, F D'Acapito, ...
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Gold Electrocatalysis: Enhanced Methanol Electro‐Oxidation Activity of Nanoclustered Gold (Small 27/2021)
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Unravelling the active sites in metal cluster-based oxidation catalysts
A Yadav
In-situ XAFS and Operando DRIFTS Investigations of a Highly Active CO Oxidation Catalyst Based on Pd-Ni Bimetallic Gas-phase Nanoclusters Deposited on Alumina
A Yadav
EUROPACAT, Date: 2019/08/18-2019/08/23, Location: Germany, 2019
High Performance CO Oxidation Catalysts Based on Gas-Phase Pd-Ni Bimetallic Nanoclusters Directly Deposited on Alumina Powder Investigated In Operando by XAFS and DRIFTS
A Yadav
Gordon Research Conference, Date: 2019/06/16-2019/06/21, Location: Switzerland, 2019
Dynamic Structure Of Low Temperature CO Oxidation Catalysts Based On Gas-phase PdNi Nanoclusters Deposited On Alumina Powder Unraveled By Operando XAFS And DRIFTS
A Yadav
Nanoalloys IRN, Date: 2019/06/04-2019/06/07, Location: Genova, Italy, 2019
Ultra-Sensitive Electrochemical Sensing of Para-Aminophenol by a Monolayer of Size-Selected Gold Clusters (Oral Presentation)
A Yadav
Material Research Society (MRS) Meeting 2018, Location: Phoenix, USA, 2018
Ultra-Dispersed Size-Selected Au Nanoclusters modified FTO as High Performance Anode Catalyst for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells
A Yadav
International Symposium on Small Particles and Inorganic Clusters: ISSPIC-IX …, 2018
Composition dependent self-organization in AuxAg1-x phase segregated nanostructures
TW Liao, A Yadav, K Hu, S Cosentino, J van der Tol, D Grandjean, ...
Gordon Research Conference, Date: 2017/07/09-2017/07/17, Location: Massachusetts, 2017
High Performance CO Oxidation Catalyst Based on Gas-phase Pd Nanoclusters Deposited on Alumina Powder
A Yadav
IEEE-NMDC Conference, Location: Singapore, 2017
Composition-dependent structure of bulk-immiscible bimetallic Au1Ni1-x nanoclusters
A Yadav, TW Liao, KJ Hu, D Grandjean, P Lievens
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