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Gennaro Ciliberto
Istituto Nazionale Tumori "Regina Elena" Roma
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Constitutive activation of Stat3 signaling confers resistance to apoptosis in human U266 myeloma cells
R Catlett-Falcone, TH Landowski, MM Oshiro, J Turkson, A Levitzki, ...
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Liver failure and defective hepatocyte regeneration in interleukin-6-deficient mice
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Role of IL-6 and its soluble receptor in induction of chemokines and leukocyte recruitment
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Interleukin‐6 deficient mice are protected from bone loss caused by estrogen depletion.
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Interleukin 6 is required for the development of collagen-induced arthritis
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Interleukin 6 causes growth impairment in transgenic mice through a decrease in insulin-like growth factor-I. A model for stunted growth in children with chronic inflammation.
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Lymphoproliferative disorder and imbalanced T‐helper response in C/EBP beta‐deficient mice.
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Enhanced inflammatory response to coronary angioplasty in patients with severe unstable angina
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Efficient and regulated erythropoietin production by naked DNA injection and muscle electroporation
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Increased toxin‐induced liver injury and fibrosis in interleukin‐6–deficient mice
K Kovalovich, RA DeAngelis, W Li, EE Furth, G Ciliberto, R Taub
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International validation of the consensus Immunoscore for the classification of colon cancer: a prognostic and accuracy study
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The induction of antibody production by IL-6 is indirectly mediated by IL-21 produced by CD4+ T cells
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Interleukin-6 protects against Fas-mediated death by establishing a critical level of anti-apoptotic hepatic proteins FLIP, Bcl-2, and Bcl-xL
K Kovalovich, W Li, R DeAngelis, LE Greenbaum, G Ciliberto, R Taub
Journal of Biological Chemistry 276 (28), 26605-26613, 2001
CCAAT enhancer-binding protein beta is required for normal hepatocyte proliferation in mice after partial hepatectomy.
LE Greenbaum, W Li, DE Cressman, Y Peng, G Ciliberto, V Poli, R Taub
The Journal of clinical investigation 102 (5), 996-1007, 1998
Two distinct and independent sites on IL‐6 trigger gp 130 dimer formation and signalling.
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Dual control of C‐reactive protein gene expression by interleukin‐1 and interleukin‐6.
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Ciliary neurotrophic factor corrects obesity and diabetes associated with leptin deficiency and resistance
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Abscopal effects of radiotherapy on advanced melanoma patients who progressed after ipilimumab immunotherapy
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Oncoimmunology 3 (5), e28780, 2014
Recombinant interleukin 6 regulates the transcriptional activation of a set of human acute phase genes.
G Morrone, G Ciliberto, S Oliviero, R Arcone, L Dente, J Content, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 263 (25), 12554-12558, 1988
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