Lucie Brisson
Lucie Brisson
Inserm U1029 Angiogenesis and Cancer Microenvironment Laboratory Université de Bordeaux
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Na V 1.5 enhances breast cancer cell invasiveness by increasing NHE1-dependent H+ efflux in caveolae
L Brisson, L Gillet, S Calaghan, P Besson, JY Le Guennec, S Roger, ...
Oncogene 30 (17), 2070-2076, 2011
NaV1.5 Na+ channels allosterically regulate the NHE-1 exchanger and promote the activity of breast cancer cell invadopodia
L Brisson, V Driffort, L Benoist, M Poet, L Counillon, E Antelmi, R Rubino, ...
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Glucose deprivation increases monocarboxylate transporter 1 (MCT1) expression and MCT1-dependent tumor cell migration
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Common responses of tumors and wounds to hypoxia
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Carcinoma-specific expression of P2Y11 receptor and its contribution in ATP-induced purinergic signalling and cell migration in human hepatocellular carcinoma cells
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Suppression of PPARβ, and DHA treatment, inhibit Na V 1.5 and NHE-1 pro-invasive activities
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A Fast Hydrogen Sulfide–Releasing Donor Increases the Tumor Response to Radiotherapy
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P2X7 receptor promotes mouse mammary cancer cell invasiveness and tumour progression, and is a target for anticancer treatment
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Interrogating the lactate dehydrogenase tetramerization site using (stapled) peptides
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