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Evolution of endemism on a young tropical mountain
VSFT Merckx, KP Hendriks, KK Beentjes, CB Mennes, LE Becking, ...
Nature 524 (7565), 347, 2015
Rapid radiation of Impatiens (Balsaminaceae) during Pliocene and Pleistocene: result of a global climate change
SB Janssens, EB Knox, S Huysmans, EF Smets, VSFT Merckx
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 52 (3), 806-824, 2009
Phylogenetics of Impatiens and Hydrocera (Balsaminaceae) using chloroplast atpB-rbcL spacer sequences
S Janssens, K Geuten, YM Yuan, Y Song, P Küpfer, E Smets
Systematic Botany 31 (1), 171-180, 2006
Conflicting phylogenies of balsaminoid families and the polytomy in Ericales: combining data in a Bayesian framework
K Geuten, E Smets, P Schols, YM Yuan, S Janssens, P Küpfer, N Pyck
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 31 (2), 711-729, 2004
Phylogeny of Impatiens (Balsaminaceae): integrating molecular and morphological evidence into a new classification
SX Yu, SB Janssens, XY Zhu, M Lidén, TG Gao, W Wang
Cladistics 32 (2), 179-197, 2016
Floral development in three species of Impatiens (Balsaminaceae)
PL Caris, KP Geuten, SB Janssens, EF Smets
American Journal of Botany 93 (1), 1-14, 2006
Pistillata—Duplications as a Mode for Floral Diversification in (Basal) Asterids
T Viaene, D Vekemans, VF Irish, A Geeraerts, S Huysmans, S Janssens, ...
Molecular Biology and Evolution 26 (11), 2627-2645, 2009
Mycoheterotrophic interactions are not limited to a narrow phylogenetic range of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
VSFT Merckx, SB Janssens, NA Hynson, CD Specht, TD Bruns, EF Smets
Molecular Ecology 21 (6), 1524-1532, 2012
Petaloidy and petal identity MADS‐box genes in the balsaminoid genera Impatiens and Marcgravia
K Geuten, A Becker, K Kaufmann, P Caris, S Janssens, T Viaene, ...
The Plant Journal 47 (4), 501-518, 2006
Phylogenetic utility of the AP3/DEF K-domain and its molecular evolution in Impatiens (Balsaminaceae)
S Janssens, K Geuten, T Viaene, YM Yuan, Y Song, E Smets
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 43 (1), 225-239, 2007
Exploring the floristic diversity of tropical Africa
MSM Sosef, G Dauby, A Blach-Overgaard, X Van Der Burgt, L Catarino, ...
BMC biology 15 (1), 15, 2017
MorphoCode: coding quantitative data for phylogenetic analysis
P Schols, C D’hondt, K Geuten, V Merckx, S Janssens, E Smets
PhyloInformatics 4, 1-4, 2004
Relative embryo length as an adaptation to habitat and life cycle in Apiaceae
F Vandelook, SB Janssens, RJ Probert
New Phytologist 195 (2), 479-487, 2012
Phylogenetic relationships of the mycoheterotrophic genus Voyria and the implications for the biogeographic history of Gentianaceae
VSFT Merckx, J Kissling, H Hentrich, SB Janssens, CB Mennes, ...
American Journal of Botany 100 (4), 712-721, 2013
Evolutionary dynamics and biogeography of M usaceae reveal a correlation between the diversification of the banana family and the geological and climatic history of Southeast Asia
SB Janssens, F Vandelook, E De Langhe, B Verstraete, E Smets, ...
New Phytologist 210 (4), 1453-1465, 2016
Carajasia (Rubiaceae), a new and endangered genus from Carajás mountain range, Pará, Brazil
RM Salas, PL Viana, EL Cabral, S Dessein, S Janssens
Phytotaxa 206 (1), 14-29, 2015
Age and historical biogeography of the pantropically distributed Spathelioideae (Rutaceae, Sapindales)
MS Appelhans, PJA Keßler, E Smets, SG Razafimandimbison, ...
Journal of Biogeography 39 (7), 1235-1250, 2012
Palynological variation in balsaminoid Ericales. II. Balsaminaceae, Tetrameristaceae, Pellicieraceae and general conclusions
S Janssens, F Lens, S Dressler, K Geuten, E Smets, S Vinckier
Annals of Botany 96 (6), 1061-1073, 2005
The multiple fuzzy origins of woodiness within Balsaminaceae using an integrated approach. Where do we draw the line?
F Lens, S Eeckhout, R Zwartjes, E Smets, SB Janssens
Annals of Botany 109 (4), 783-799, 2011
Palynological variation in balsaminoid Ericales. I. Marcgraviaceae
F Lens, S Dressler, S Vinckier, S Janssens, S Dessein, L Van Evelghem, ...
Annals of Botany 96 (6), 1047-1060, 2005
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