David Bauman
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Adespatial: Multivariate Multiscale Spatial Analysis.
S Dray, D Bauman, G Blanchet, D Borcard, S Clappe, G Guenard, ...
Disentangling good from bad practices in the selection of spatial or phylogenetic eigenvectors
D Bauman, T Drouet, S Dray, J Vleminckx
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Optimizing the choice of a spatial weighting matrix in eigenvector‐based methods
D Bauman, T Drouet, MJ Fortin, S Dray
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Multiscale assemblage of an ectomycorrhizal fungal community: the influence of host functional traits and soil properties in a 10-ha miombo forest
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J Ilunga Muledi, D Bauman, T Drouet, J Vleminckx, A Jacobs, J Lejoly, ...
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Testing and interpreting the shared space‐environment fraction in variation partitioning analyses of ecological data
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F Cuma Mushagalusa, D Bauman, B Mujinya Bazirake, Y Mleci, ...
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Interspecific trait integration increases with environmental harshness: A case study along a metal toxicity gradient
G Delhaye, D Bauman, M Séleck, E Ilunga wa Ilunga, G Mahy, P Meerts
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A network to understand the changing socio‐ecology of the southern African woodlands (SEOSAW): Challenges, benefits, and methods
SEOSAW partnership
Plants, People, Planet 3 (3), 249-267, 2021
How modified landscapes filter rare species and modulate the regional pool of ecological traits?
NL Benone, BE Soares, CMC Lobato, LB Seabra, D Bauman, ...
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Unique habitat and macroinvertebrate assemblage structures in spring-fed stream: a comparison among clastic lowland tributaries and mainstreams in northern Japan
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Floristic evidence for alternative biome states in tropical Africa
JC Aleman, A Fayolle, C Favier, AC Staver, KG Dexter, CM Ryan, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (45), 28183-28190, 2020
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