Thierry Douillard
Thierry Douillard
CNRS Research Engineer, INSA Lyon, MATEIS
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A new testing protocol for zirconia dental implants
C Sanon, J Chevalier, T Douillard, M Cattani-Lorente, SS Scherrer, ...
Dental Materials 31 (1), 15-25, 2015
Influence on microstructure, strength and ductility of build platform temperature during laser powder bed fusion of AlSi10Mg
JG Santos Macías, T Douillard, L Zhao, E Maire, G Pyka, A Simar
Acta Materialia 201, 231-243, 2020
Highly ductile amorphous oxide at room temperature and high strain rate
EJ Frankberg, J Kalikka, F García Ferré, L Joly-Pottuz, T Salminen, ...
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Bone micromechanical properties are compromised during long‐term alendronate therapy independently of mineralization
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Forty years after the promise of «ceramic steel?»: Zirconia‐based composites with a metal‐like mechanical behavior
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A facile and very effective method to enhance the mechanical strength and the cyclability of Si‐based electrodes for Li‐ion batteries
CR Hernandez, A Etiemble, T Douillard, D Mazouzi, Z Karkar, E Maire, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 8 (6), 1701787, 2018
Growth twinning and generation of high-frequency surface nanostructures in ultrafast laser-induced transient melting and resolidification
X Sedao, MV Shugaev, C Wu, T Douillard, C Esnouf, C Maurice, ...
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C Sanon, J Chevalier, T Douillard, RJ Kohal, PG Coelho, J Hjerppe, ...
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Respective roles of organic and mineral components of human cortical bone matrix in micromechanical behavior: an instrumented indentation study
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Microstructure evolution in nano-reinforced ferritic steel processed by mechanical alloying and spark plasma sintering
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Multiscale Morphological and Electrical Characterization of Charge Transport Limitations to the Power Performance of Positive Electrode Blends for Lithium‐Ion Batteries
N Besnard, A Etiemble, T Douillard, O Dubrunfaut, P Tran‐Van, L Gautier, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 7 (8), 1602239, 2017
M23C6 carbides and Cr2N nitrides in aged duplex stainless steel: A SEM, TEM and FIB tomography investigation
JY Maetz, T Douillard, S Cazottes, C Verdu, X Kleber
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Multiscale Phase Mapping of LiFePO4-Based Electrodes by Transmission Electron Microscopy and Electron Forward Scattering Diffraction
D Robert, T Douillard, A Boulineau, G Brunetti, P Nowakowski, D Venet, ...
ACS nano 7 (12), 10887-10894, 2013
Investigating the n-and p-type electrolytic charging of colloidal nanoplatelets
E Lhuillier, S Ithurria, A Descamps-Mandine, T Douillard, R Castaing, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (38), 21795-21799, 2015
Effect of different surface treatments on the hydrothermal degradation of a 3Y-TZP ceramic for dental implants
M Cattani-Lorente, SS Scherrer, S Durual, C Sanon, T Douillard, ...
Dental Materials 30 (10), 1136-1146, 2014
Self-arranged periodic nanovoids by ultrafast laser-induced near-field enhancement
X Sedao, A Abou Saleh, A Rudenko, T Douillard, C Esnouf, S Reynaud, ...
ACS photonics 5 (4), 1418-1426, 2018
Comparative ageing behaviour of commercial, unworn and worn 3Y-TZP and zirconia-toughened alumina hip joint heads
T Douillard, J Chevalier, A Descamps-Mandine, I Warner, Y Galais, ...
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 32 (8), 1529-1540, 2012
Effect of amount of doping agent on sintering, microstructure and optical properties of Zr-and La-doped alumina sintered by SPS
L Lallemant, N Roussel, G Fantozzi, V Garnier, G Bonnefont, T Douillard, ...
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 34 (5), 1279-1288, 2014
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A Liens, H Reveron, T Douillard, N Blanchard, V Lughi, V Sergo, R Laquai, ...
Acta Materialia 183, 261-273, 2020
Effect of grain orientation and magnesium doping on β-tricalcium phosphate resorption behavior
M Gallo, BLG Santoni, T Douillard, F Zhang, L Gremillard, S Dolder, ...
Acta biomaterialia 89, 391-402, 2019
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