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Ivan Korendovych
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Short peptides self-assemble to produce catalytic amyloids
CM Rufo, YS Moroz, OV Moroz, J Stöhr, TA Smith, X Hu, WF DeGrado, ...
Nature chemistry 6 (4), 303, 2014
Residue-specific vibrational echoes yield 3D structures of a transmembrane helix dimer
A Remorino, IV Korendovych, Y Wu, WF DeGrado, RM Hochstrasser
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Design of a switchable eliminase
IV Korendovych, DW Kulp, Y Wu, H Cheng, H Roder, WF DeGrado
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De novo design and molecular assembly of a transmembrane diporphyrin-binding protein complex
IV Korendovych, A Senes, YH Kim, JD Lear, HC Fry, MJ Therien, ...
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Dioxygen activation at non-heme iron: insights from rapid kinetic studies
IV Korendovych, SV Kryatov, EV Rybak-Akimova
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Dioxygen Binding to Complexes with FeII2 (μ-OH) 2 Cores: Steric Control of Activation Barriers and O2-Adduct Formation
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Catalytic efficiency of designed catalytic proteins
IV Korendovych, WF DeGrado
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Anion binding to monotopic and ditopic macrocyclic amides
IV Korendovych, M Cho, PL Butler, RJ Staples, EV Rybak-Akimova
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Isolated Toll-like receptor transmembrane domains are capable of oligomerization
JI Godfroy III, M Roostan, YS Moroz, IV Korendovych, H Yin
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Computational design of a β-peptide that targets transmembrane helices
SJ Shandler, IV Korendovych, DT Moore, KB Smith-Dupont, CN Streu, ...
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New tricks for old proteins: single mutations in a nonenzymatic protein give rise to various enzymatic activities
YS Moroz, TT Dunston, OV Makhlynets, OV Moroz, Y Wu, JH Yoon, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (47), 14905-14911, 2015
Selective incorporation of nitrile-based infrared probes into proteins via cysteine alkylation
H Jo, RM Culik, IV Korendovych, WF DeGrado, F Gai
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Design of allosterically regulated protein catalysts
OV Makhlynets, EA Raymond, IV Korendovych
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Catalytic peptide assemblies
O Zozulia, MA Dolan, IV Korendovych
Chemical Society Reviews 47 (10), 3621-3639, 2018
Anion and carboxylic acid binding to monotopic and ditopic amidopyridine macrocycles
IV Korendovych, M Cho, OV Makhlynets, PL Butler, RJ Staples, ...
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Short Self‐Assembling Peptides Are Able to Bind to Copper and Activate Oxygen
OV Makhlynets, PM Gosavi, IV Korendovych
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Computational design of a self-assembling β-peptide oligomer
IV Korendovych, YH Kim, AH Ryan, JD Lear, WF DeGrado, SJ Shandler
Organic letters 12 (22), 5142-5145, 2010
Zinc-binding structure of a catalytic amyloid from solid-state NMR
M Lee, T Wang, OV Makhlynets, Y Wu, NF Polizzi, H Wu, PM Gosavi, ...
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A new high-spin iron (III) complex with a pentadentate macrocyclic amidopyridine ligand: A change from slow single-ion paramagnetic relaxation to long-range antiferromagnetic …
IV Korendovych, RJ Staples, WM Reiff, EV Rybak-Akimova
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Complexes of benzo-15-crown-5 with protonated primary amines and diamines
OP Kryatova, IV Korendovych, EV Rybak-Akimova
Tetrahedron 60 (21), 4579-4588, 2004
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