Byung Joon Lee
Byung Joon Lee
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A two-class population balance equation yielding bimodal flocculation of marine or estuarine sediments
BJ Lee, E Toorman, FJ Molz, J Wang
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Seasonal variation in flocculation potential of river water: Roles of the organic matter pool
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Coastal Engineering 148, 36-48, 2019
Batch test for measurement of ordinary heterotrophic organism active biomass in activated sludge mixed liquor
BJ Lee
University of Cape Town, 2002
Evaluation of the two class population balance equation for predicting the bimodal flocculation of cohesive sediments in turbulent flow
BJ Lee, EA Toorman
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Evaluating simple, low-cost techniques to estimate molecular weights and charge densities of polydisperse commercial polyacrylamides for soil and sediment applications
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Transactions of the ASABE 53 (4), 1127-1136, 2010
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