Medical oncology,Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine, Magna Gręcia University, Campus Salvatore Venuta, Catanzaro, Italy
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Targeting of multiple myeloma-related angiogenesis by miR-199a-5p mimics: in vitro and in vivo anti-tumor activity
L Raimondi, N Amodio, MT Di Martino, E Altomare, M Leotta, ...
Oncotarget 5 (10), 3039, 2014
MALAT1: a druggable long non-coding RNA for targeted anti-cancer approaches
N Amodio, L Raimondi, G Juli, MA Stamato, D Caracciolo, P Tagliaferri, ...
Journal of hematology & oncology 11 (1), 63, 2018
In vitro and in vivo activity of a novel locked nucleic acid (LNA)-inhibitor-miR-221 against multiple myeloma cells
MT Di Martino, A Gullą, MEG Cantafio, E Altomare, N Amodio, E Leone, ...
PloS one 9 (2), e89659, 2014
Drugging the lncRNA MALAT1 via LNA gapmeR ASO inhibits gene expression of proteasome subunits and triggers anti-multiple myeloma activity
N Amodio, MA Stamato, G Juli, E Morelli, M Fulciniti, M Manzoni, E Taiana, ...
Leukemia 32 (9), 1948-1957, 2018
Inhibition of miR-21 restores RANKL/OPG ratio in multiple myeloma-derived bone marrow stromal cells and impairs the resorbing activity of mature osteoclasts
MR Pitari, M Rossi, N Amodio, C Botta, E Morelli, C Federico, A Gullą, ...
Oncotarget 6 (29), 27343, 2015
Integrated analysis of microRNAs, transcription factors and target genes expression discloses a specific molecular architecture of hyperdiploid multiple myeloma
MT Di Martino, PH Guzzi, D Caracciolo, L Agnelli, A Neri, BA Walker, ...
Oncotarget 6 (22), 19132, 2015
Inhibition of EZH2 triggers the tumor suppressive miR-29b network in multiple myeloma
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From target therapy to miRNA therapeutics of human multiple myeloma: theoretical and technological issues in the evolving scenario
M Rossi, N Amodio, M Teresa Di Martino, D Caracciolo, P Tagliaferri, ...
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Mir-221/222 are promising targets for innovative anticancer therapy
MT Di Martino, M Rossi, D Caracciolo, A Gullą, P Tagliaferri, P Tassone
Expert opinion on therapeutic targets 20 (9), 1099-1108, 2016
Therapeutic vulnerability of multiple myeloma to MIR17PTi, a first-in-class inhibitor of pri-miR-17-92
E Morelli, L Biamonte, C Federico, N Amodio, MT Di Martino, ...
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miR-22 suppresses DNA ligase III addiction in multiple myeloma
D Caracciolo, MT Di Martino, N Amodio, E Morelli, M Montesano, C Botta, ...
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MiR-29b antagonizes the pro-inflammatory tumor-promoting activity of multiple myeloma-educated dendritic cells
C Botta, M Cuce, MR Pitari, D Caracciolo, A Gulla, E Morelli, C Riillo, ...
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The potential role of miRNAs in multiple myeloma therapy
D Caracciolo, M Montesano, E Altomare, F Scionti, MT Di Martino, ...
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Immunomodulatory activity of microRNAs: potential implications for multiple myeloma treatment
C Botta, M Cuce, D Caracciolo, L Fiorillo, P Tagliaferri, P Tassone
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Inhibition of miR-21 restores RANKL/OPG ratio in multiple myeloma-derived bone marrow stromal cells and impairs the resorbing activity of mature osteoclasts. Oncotarget. 2015 …
MR Pitari, M Rossi, N Amodio, C Botta, E Morelli, C Federico, A Gulla, ...
Th17 Cells Targeting By MiR-21 Inhibitor Impairs Multiple Myeloma Related Bone Disease
M Rossi, E Altomare, N Amodio, MT Di Martino, M Gaspari, D Taverna, ...
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Targeting aberrant non-homologous end joining in multiple myeloma: Role of the classical and alternative pathways in genomic instability
T Calimeri, D Caracciolo, N Amodio, MK Samur, M Leotta, M Fulciniti, ...
Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 124 (21), 3417-3417, 2014
Alternative non-homologous end joining DNA repair as therapeutic target in multiple myeloma
D Caracciolo, M Montesano, E Altomare, G Consolo, N Amodio, ...
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Phosphoproteomic analysis of miR-21 modulation in Th17 cells: Potential implications for multiple myeloma bone disease therapy
E Altomare, M Rossi, D Caracciolo, N Amodio, M Gaspari, D Taverna, ...
Cancer Research 78 (13 Supplement), 4431-4431, 2018
UMG1, a novel humanized monoclonal antibody against a glysosylated-CD43-related epitope, induces antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) on human T-cell acute …
C Botta, MEG Cantafio, C Buracchi, MA Siciliano, M Cucč, C Riillo, ...
Cancer Research 78 (13 Supplement), 1783-1783, 2018
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