Trees De Baerdemaeker
Trees De Baerdemaeker
Centre for Surface Chemistry and Catalysis, KU Leuven
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A Flexible Photoactive Titanium Metal–Organic Framework Based on a [TiIV33‐O)(O)2(COO)6] Cluster
B Bueken, F Vermoortele, DEP Vanpoucke, H Reinsch, CC Tsou, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 54 (47), 13912-13917, 2015
Catalytic applications of OSDA-free Beta zeolite
T De Baerdemaeker, B Yilmaz, U Müller, M Feyen, FS Xiao, W Zhang, ...
Journal of catalysis 308, 73-81, 2013
Interlayer expansion of the hydrous layer silicate RUB-36 to a functionalized, microporous framework silicate: crystal structure analysis and physical and chemical characterization
H Gies, U Müller, B Yilmaz, M Feyen, T Tatsumi, H Imai, H Zhang, B Xie, ...
Chemistry of Materials 24 (8), 1536-1545, 2012
Bimetallic Zn and Hf on silica catalysts for the conversion of ethanol to 1, 3-butadiene
T De Baerdemaeker, M Feyen, U Müller, B Yilmaz, FS Xiao, W Zhang, ...
ACS Catalysis 5 (6), 3393-3397, 2015
A new catalyst platform: zeolite Beta from template-free synthesis
B Yilmaz, U Müller, M Feyen, S Maurer, H Zhang, X Meng, FS Xiao, X Bao, ...
Catalysis Science & Technology 3 (10), 2580-2586, 2013
Base catalytic activity of alkaline earth MOFs: a (micro) spectroscopic study of active site formation by the controlled transformation of structural anions
P Valvekens, D Jonckheere, T De Baerdemaeker, AV Kubarev, ...
Chemical Science 5 (11), 4517-4524, 2014
Hidden diversity of vacancy networks in Prussian blue analogues
A Simonov, T De Baerdemaeker, HLB Boström, MLR Gómez, HJ Gray, ...
Nature 578 (7794), 256-260, 2020
Trapdoors in zeolites
T De Baerdemaeker, D De Vos
Nature chemistry 5 (2), 89-90, 2013
Bio‐Based Nitriles from the Heterogeneously Catalyzed Oxidative Decarboxylation of Amino Acids
L Claes, R Matthessen, I Rombouts, I Stassen, T De Baerdemaeker, ...
ChemSusChem 8 (2), 345-352, 2015
New zeolite Al-COE-4: reaching highly shape-selective catalytic performance through interlayer expansion
B Yilmaz, U Müller, M Feyen, H Zhang, FS Xiao, T De Baerdemaeker, ...
Chemical Communications 48 (94), 11549-11551, 2012
A new class of solid Lewis acid catalysts based on interlayer expansion of layered silicates of the RUB-36 type with heteroatoms
T De Baerdemaeker, H Gies, B Yilmaz, U Müller, M Feyen, FS Xiao, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (25), 9709-9717, 2014
Ti-substituted zeolite Beta: a milestone in the design of large pore oxidation catalysts
T De Baerdemaeker, B Steenackers, D De Vos
Chemical Communications 49 (68), 7474-7476, 2013
Increasing the availability of active sites in Zn-Co double metal cyanides by dispersion onto a SiO2 support
C Marquez, M Rivera-Torrente, PP Paalanen, BM Weckhuysen, ...
Journal of catalysis 354, 92-99, 2017
From layered zeolite precursors to zeolites with a three-dimensional porosity: Textural and structural modifications through alkaline treatment
T De Baerdemaeker, M Feyen, T Vanbergen, U Müller, B Yilmaz, ...
Chemistry of Materials 27 (1), 316-326, 2015
Alkali-free synthesis of Al-MTW using 4-cyclohexyl-1, 1-dimethylpiperazinium hydroxide as structure directing agent
T De Baerdemaeker, U Müller, B Yilmaz
Microporous and mesoporous materials 143 (2-3), 477-481, 2011
Interlayer expansion using metal-linker units: Crystalline microporous silicate zeolites with metal centers on specific framework sites
H Gies, M Feyen, T De Baerdemaeker, DE De Vos, B Yilmaz, U Müller, ...
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 222, 235-240, 2016
Tunable Prussian blue analogues for the selective synthesis of propargylamines through A 3 coupling
C Marquez, FG Cirujano, C Van Goethem, I Vankelecom, D De Vos, ...
Catalysis Science & Technology 8 (8), 2061-2065, 2018
Shape-selective organic–inorganic zeolitic catalysts prepared via interlayer expansion
T De Baerdemaeker, W Vandebroeck, H Gies, B Yilmaz, U Müller, ...
Catalysis Today 235, 169-175, 2014
Metal-bridged pillared silicate compounds and process for their production
B Yilmaz, U Müller, T De Baerdemaeker, H Gies, X Feng-Shou, T Tatsumi, ...
US Patent 8,426,332, 2013
Metal ion exchange in Prussian blue analogues: Cu (ii)-exchanged Zn–Co PBAs as highly selective catalysts for A 3 coupling
C Marquez, FG Cirujano, S Smolders, C Van Goethem, I Vankelecom, ...
Dalton Transactions 48 (12), 3946-3954, 2019
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