Daniel Galaviz Redondo
Daniel Galaviz Redondo
Faculty of Sciences of the Lisboa / LIP
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Z= 50 Shell Gap near Sn 100 from Intermediate-Energy Coulomb Excitations in Even-Mass Sn 106− 112 Isotopes
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Do Halo Nuclei Follow Rutherford Elastic Scattering at Energies Below the Barrier? The Case of
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High-energy breakup of Li 6 as a tool to study the Big Bang nucleosynthesis reaction H 2 (α, γ) Li 6
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Measurement of the (γ, n) cross section of the nucleus 197Au close above the reaction threshold
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92 Mo (α, α) 92 Mo scattering, the 92 Mo− α optical potential, and the 96 Ru (γ, α) 92 Mo reaction rate at astrophysically relevant energies
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