Ahmad Reza Seradj
Ahmad Reza Seradj
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Effects of an extract of plant flavonoids (Bioflavex) on rumen fermentation and performance in heifers fed high-concentrate diets
J Balcells, A Aris, A Serrano, AR Seradj, J Crespo, M Devant
Journal of animal science 90 (13), 4975-4984, 2012
The effect of Bioflavex® and its pure flavonoid components on in vitro fermentation parameters and methane production in rumen fluid from steers given high concentrate diets
AR Seradj, L Abecia, J Crespo, D Villalba, M Fondevila, J Balcells
Animal Feed Science and Technology 197, 85-91, 2014
The chemical composition, rumen degradability, in vitro gas production, energy content and digestibility of olive cake ensiled with additives
E Rowghani, MJ Zamiri, AR Seradj
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Trade-offs among growth performance, nutrient digestion and carcass traits when feeding low protein and/or high neutral-detergent fiber diets to growing-finishing pigs
H Morazán, J Alvarez-Rodriguez, AR Seradj, J Balcells, D Babot
Animal Feed Science and Technology 207, 168-180, 2015
The impact of reducing dietary crude protein and increasing total dietary fiber on hindgut fermentation, the methanogen community and gas emission in growing pigs
AR Seradj, J Balcells, H Morazan, J Alvarez-Rodriguez, D Babot, ...
Animal Feed Science and Technology 245, 54-66, 2018
Changes in the rumen microbiota of cows in response to dietary supplementation with nitrate, linseed, and saponin alone or in combination
M Popova, J Guyader, M Silberberg, AR Seradj, C Saro, A Bernard, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 85 (4), e02657-18, 2019
Modelling urinary purine derivatives excretion as a tool to estimate microbial rumen outflow in alpacas (Vicugna pacos)
P Orellana-Boero, AR Seradj, M Fondevila, J Nolan, J Balcells
Small Ruminant Research 107 (2-3), 101-104, 2012
Effect of substituting barley with sorghum on starch digestion, rumen microbial yield and growth in Iranian Baluchi lambs fed high concentrate diets
M Yahaghi, JB Liang, J Balcells, R Valizadeh, AR Seradj, R Alimon, ...
Animal Feed Science and Technology 183 (3-4), 96-105, 2013
Carotenoid intake and SCD genotype exert complementary effects over fat content and fatty acid composition in Duroc pigs
E Henriquez-Rodriguez, RN Pena, AR Seradj, L Fraile, P Christou, M Tor, ...
Journal of animal science 95 (6), 2547-2557, 2017
Modulatory effect of protein and carotene dietary levels on pig gut microbiota
R González-Prendes, RN Pena, E Solé, AR Seradj, J Estany, ...
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G De la Fuente, DR Yañez-Ruiz, AR Seradj, J Balcells, A Belanche
Animal Production Science 59 (12), 2109-2122, 2019
Dietary nitrates decrease methane emission by inhibiting rumen methanogenic archaea without influencing nitrate reducing bacteria
J Guyader, M Silberberg, M Popova, AR Seradj, D Morgavi, C Martin
Gut Microbiology: From Sequence to Function, 1 p., 2014
Study of nitrogen fluxes across conventional solid floor cubicle and compost-bedded pack housing systems in dairy cattle barns located in the Mediterranean area: Effects of …
J Balcells, E Fuertes, AR Seradj, J Maynegre, D Villalba, G de la Fuente
Journal of Dairy Science 103 (11), 10882-10897, 2020
In vitro and in situ degradation characteristics and rumen fermentation products of Moringa oleifera harvested at three different ages
AR Seradj, HJ Morazán Nuñez, M Fondevila, JB Liang, ...
Tropical Animal Science Journal, 2019, vol. 42, núm. 1, p. 39-45, 2019
Nutritional strategies to cope with reduced litter weight gain and total tract digestibility in lactating sows
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Journal of animal physiology and animal nutrition 101 (5), 914-924, 2017
Effects of the citrus flavonoid extract Bioflavex or its pure components on rumen fermentation of intensively reared beef steers
AR Seradj, A Gimeno, M Fondevila, J Crespo, R Armengol, J Balcells
Animal Production Science 58 (3), 553-560, 2016
Effect of slurry dilution, structural carbohydrates, and exogenous archaea supply on in vitro anaerobe fermentation and methanogens population of swine slurry
H Morazán, AR Seradj, J Alvarez‐Rodriguez, L Abecia, D Babot, ...
Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy 34 (1), 54-64, 2015
In vitro effects of a commercial blend of functional oils on fermentation, methane production and responsible methanogenic archaea.
AR Seradj, J Torrent, J Balcells
XVII Jornadas sobre Producción Animal, Zaragoza, España, 30 y 31 de mayo de …, 2017
Flavonoids as natural plant extracts in the feed to stabilise rumen fermentation.
CM Serra, BJ Balcells, AR Seradj, A Aris, M Devant
International Dairy Topics 12 (2), 27-28, 2013
Determination of the real δ9-desaturase activity in Duroc pigs by adding deuterated stearic acid in the diet.
L Sarri, AR Seradj, J Estany, RN Pena, J Balcells, M Tor
XVIII Jornadas sobre Producción Animal, Zaragoza, España, 7 y 8 de mayo de …, 2019
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