Alex Xiucheng Fan (范秀承)
Alex Xiucheng Fan (范秀承)
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Methylation profiles of 22 candidate genes in breast cancer using high-throughput MALDI-TOF mass array
R Radpour, C Kohler, MM Haghighi, AXC Fan, W Holzgreve, XY Zhong
Oncogene 28 (33), 2969-2978, 2009
Mitochondrial DNA content in paired normal and cancerous breast tissue samples from patients with breast cancer
AXC Fan, R Radpour, MM Haghighi, C Kohler, P Xia, S Hahn, ...
Journal of cancer research and clinical oncology 135 (8), 983-989, 2009
Positive correlation of cell-free DNA in plasma/serum in patients with malignant and benign breast disease
R Zanetti-Dällenbach, E Wight, AXC Fan, O Lapaire, S Hahn, ...
Anticancer research 28 (2A), 921-925, 2008
Circulating cell-free DNA as a potential biomarker for minimal and mild endometriosis
R Zachariah, S Schmid, R Radpour, N Buerki, AXC Fan, S Hahn, ...
Reproductive biomedicine online 18 (3), 407-411, 2009
High-throughput hacking of the methylation patterns in breast cancer by in vitro transcription and thymidine-specific cleavage mass array on MALDI-TOF silico-chip
R Radpour, MM Haghighi, AXC Fan, PM Torbati, S Hahn, W Holzgreve, ...
Molecular Cancer Research 6 (11), 1702-1709, 2008
Simultaneous quantitative assessment of circulating cell-free mitochondrial and nuclear DNA by multiplex real-time PCR
P Xia, R Radpour, R Zachariah, AXC Fan, C Kohler, S Hahn, W Holzgreve, ...
Genetics and molecular biology 32 (1), 20-24, 2009
A rapid and accurate approach to identify single nucleotide polymorphisms of mitochondrial DNA using MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry
AXC Fan, HSP Garritsen, SEL Tarhouny, M Morris, S Hahn, W Holzgreve, ...
Clinical Chemical Laboratory Medicine 46 (3), 299-305, 2008
Matrix‐assisted laser desorption/ionization time‐of‐flight mass spectrometry for genotyping of human platelet‐specific antigens
HSP Garritsen, AXC Fan, N Bosse, H Hannig, R Kelsch, H Kroll, ...
Transfusion 49 (2), 252-258, 2009
Current understanding of mitochondrial DNA in breast cancer
R Radpour, AXC Fan, C Kohler, W Holzgreve, XY Zhong
The breast journal 15 (5), 505-509, 2009
Genomic and proteomic analysis of transcription factor TFII-I reveals insight into the response to cellular stress
AX Fan, GL Papadopoulos, MA Hossain, IJ Lin, J Hu, TM Tang, ...
Nucleic acids research 42 (12), 7625-7641, 2014
Comparison of serum VEGF and its soluble receptor sVEGFR1 with serum cell-free DNA in patients with breast tumor
S El Tarhouny, M Seefeld, AXC Fan, S Hahn, W Holzgreve, XY Zhong
Cytokine 44 (1), 65-69, 2008
Parallel assessment of circulatory cell-free DNA by PCR and nucleosomes by ELISA in breast tumors
M Seefeld, S El Tarhouny, AXC Fan, S Hahn, W Holzgreve, XY Zhong
The International journal of biological markers 23 (2), 69-73, 2008
Alpha‐1 Antitrypsin Deficiency Liver Disease, Mutational Homogeneity Modulated by Epigenetic Heterogeneity With Links to Obesity
L Wang, GW Marek III, RA Hlady, RT Wagner, X Zhao, VC Clark, AX Fan, ...
Hepatology 70 (1), 51-66, 2019
Cell‐cycle specific association of transcription factors and RNA polymerase ii with the human β‐globin gene locus
M Rosenberg, AX Fan, IJ Lin, SY Liang, J Bungert
Journal of cellular biochemistry 114 (9), 1997-2006, 2013
Molecular diagnostics in transfusion medicine: in capillary, on a chip, in silico, or in flight?
HSP Garritsen, AXC Fan, D Lenz, H Hannig, XY Zhong, R Geffers, ...
Transfusion Medicine and Hemotherapy 36 (3), 181-187, 2009
Functional interrelationship between TFII‐I and E2F transcription factors at specific cell cycle gene loci
Y Shen, R Nar, AX Fan, M Aryan, MA Hossain, A Gurumurthy, PC Wassel, ...
Journal of cellular biochemistry 119 (1), 712-722, 2018
Regulation of erythroid cell differentiation by transcription factors, chromatin structure alterations, and noncoding RNA
AX Fan, MA Hossain, J Stees, E Gavrilova, J Bungert
Epigenetic Gene Expression and Regulation, 237-264, 2015
A selected pre-amplification strategy for genetic analysis using limited DNA targets
P Xia, R Radpour, C Kohler, CX Dang, AXC Fan, W Holzgreve, XY Zhong.
Clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine 47 (3), 288-293, 2009
降纤酶治疗急性脑梗死 50 例临床分析
范秀承, 张林, 黄晓梅
中国实用内科杂志 21 (003), 165-165, 2001
Assessing the value of CAN-gene mutations using MALDI-TOF MS
C Kohler, B Tavelin, AXC Fan, R Radpour, Z Barekati, F Levi, XY Zhong, ...
Journal of cancer research and clinical oncology 137 (8), 1239-1244, 2011
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