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One-step non-hydrolytic sol–gel preparation of efficient V2O5-TiO2 catalysts for VOC total oxidation
DP Debecker, K Bouchmella, R Delaigle, P Eloy, C Poleunis, P Bertrand, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 94 (1-2), 38-45, 2010
Functionalized silica nanoparticles as an alternative platform for targeted drug-delivery of water insoluble drugs
LF de Oliveira, K Bouchmella, KA Goncalves, J Bettini, J Kobarg, ...
Langmuir 32 (13), 3217-3225, 2016
Design of SiO2−Al2O3−MoO3 Metathesis Catalysts by Nonhydrolytic Sol−Gel
DP Debecker, K Bouchmella, C Poleunis, P Eloy, P Bertrand, ...
Chemistry of Materials 21 (13), 2817-2824, 2009
Total oxidation of benzene and chlorobenzene with MoO3-and WO3-promoted V2O5/TiO2 catalysts prepared by a nonhydrolytic sol–gel route
DP Debecker, R Delaigle, K Bouchmella, P Eloy, EM Gaigneaux, ...
Catalysis Today 157 (1-4), 125-130, 2010
Molecular Assemblies from Imidazolyl‐Containing Haloalkenes and Haloalkynes: Competition between Halogen and Hydrogen Bonding
K Bouchmella, B Boury, SG Dutremez, A van der Lee
Chemistry–A European Journal 13 (21), 6130-6138, 2007
Olefin metathesis with mesoporous rhenium–silicium–aluminum mixed oxides obtained via a one-step non-hydrolytic sol–gel route
K Bouchmella, PH Mutin, M Stoyanova, C Poleunis, P Eloy, U Rodemerck, ...
Journal of catalysis 301, 233-241, 2013
A non-hydrolytic sol–gel route to highly active MoO 3–SiO 2–Al 2 O 3 metathesis catalysts
DP Debecker, K Bouchmella, M Stoyanova, U Rodemerck, EM Gaigneaux, ...
Catalysis Science & Technology 2 (6), 1157-1164, 2012
1H, 13C, and 15N Solid-State NMR Studies of Imidazole- and Morpholine-Based Model Compounds Possessing Halogen and Hydrogen Bonding Capabilities
K Bouchmella, SG Dutremez, B Alonso, F Mauri, C Gervais
Crystal Growth and Design 8 (11), 3941-3950, 2008
Ethylene to propylene by one-pot catalytic cascade reactions
RD Andrei, MI Popa, F Fajula, C Cammarano, A Al Khudhair, ...
ACS Catalysis 5 (5), 2774-2777, 2015
Avoiding rhenium loss in non-hydrolytic synthesis of highly active Re–Si–Al olefin metathesis catalysts
K Bouchmella, M Stoyanova, U Rodemerck, DP Debecker, PH Mutin
Catalysis Communications 58, 183-186, 2015
Tailored silica nanoparticles surface to increase drug load and enhance bactericidal response
LF Oliveira, K Bouchmella, AS Picco, LB Capeletti, KA Gonçalves, ...
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society 28 (9), 1715-1724, 2017
High‐Surface‐Area SiO2–ZrO2 Mixed Oxides as Catalysts for the Friedel–Crafts‐Type Alkylation of Arenes with Alcohols and Tandem Cyclopropanation Reactions
H Kaper, K Bouchmella, PH Mutin, F Goettmann
ChemCatChem 4 (11), 1813-1818, 2012
Correlative cellular ptychography with functionalized nanoparticles at the Fe L-edge
M Gallagher-Jones, CSB Dias, A Pryor, K Bouchmella, L Zhao, YH Lo, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-10, 2017
Guanidinium Alkynesulfonates with Single‐Layer Stacking Motif: Interlayer Hydrogen Bonding Between Sulfonate Anions Changes the Orientation of the Organosulfonate R Group from …
K Bouchmella, SG Dutremez, C Guérin, JC Longato, F Dahan
Chemistry–A European Journal 16 (8), 2528-2536, 2010
Colloidal Stability and Redispersibility of Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles in Biological Media
AC Schneid, CP Silveira, FE Galdino, LF Ferreira, K Bouchmella, ...
Langmuir 36 (39), 11442-11449, 2020
Tetracycline@ silver ions-functionalized mesoporous silica for high bactericidal activity at ultra-low concentration
K Bouchmella, FD Campanaro, GB Mondo, MI Santos, CH Franco, ...
Nanomedicine 13 (14), 1731-1751, 2018
Degradable hollow organosilica nanoparticles for antibacterial activity
S Rahmani, K Bouchmella, J Budimir, L Raehm, MB Cardoso, P Trens, ...
ACS Omega 4 (1), 1479-1486, 2019
Porphyrin‐based bridged silsesquioxane nanoparticles for targeted two‐photon photodynamic therapy of zebrafish xenografted with human tumor
S Dib, D Aggad, C Mauriello Jimenez, A Lakrafi, G Hery, C Nguyen, ...
Cancer reports 2 (5), e1186, 2019
Catalysis Science & Technology
M Debecker, K Bouchmella, M Stoyanova, U Rodemerck, EM Gaigneaux, ...
One-step non-hydrolytic sol-gel synthesis of mesoporous SiO2-Al2O3-NiO catalysts for ethylene oligomerization
A Al Khudhair, K Bouchmella, RD Andrei, A Mehdi, PH Mutin, V Hulea
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 322, 111165, 2021
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