Julien Roux
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Social insect genomes exhibit dramatic evolution in gene composition and regulation while preserving regulatory features linked to sociality
DF Simola, L Wissler, G Donahue, RM Waterhouse, M Helmkampf, ...
Genome research 23 (8), 1235-1247, 2013
Methylation QTLs Are Associated with Coordinated Changes in Transcription Factor Binding, Histone Modifications, and Gene Expression Levels
NE Banovich, X Lan, G McVicker, B Van de Geijn, JF Degner, JD Blischak, ...
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Bgee: integrating and comparing heterogeneous transcriptome data among species
F Bastian, G Parmentier, J Roux, S Moretti, V Laudet, ...
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The genomic impact of 100 million years of social evolution in seven ant species
J Gadau, M Helmkampf, S Nygaard, J Roux, DF Simola, CR Smith, ...
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Patterns of positive selection in seven ant genomes
J Roux, E Privman, S Moretti, JT Daub, M Robinson-Rechavi, L Keller
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Developmental constraints on vertebrate genome evolution
J Roux, M Robinson-Rechavi
PLoS genetics 4 (12), e1000311, 2008
Age-dependent gain of alternative splice forms and biased duplication explain the relation between splicing and duplication
J Roux, M Robinson-Rechavi
Genome Research 21 (3), 357-363, 2011
What to compare and how: Comparative transcriptomics for Evo‐Devo
J Roux, M Rosikiewicz, M Robinson‐Rechavi
Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B: Molecular and Developmental …, 2015
Comparative analysis of human and mouse expression data illuminates tissue-specific evolutionary patterns of miRNAs
J Roux, M Gonzālez-Porta, M Robinson-Rechavi
Nucleic Acids Research 40 (13), 5890-5900, 2012
Molecular signaling in zebrafish development and the vertebrate phylotypic period
A Comte, J Roux, M Robinson‐Rechavi
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Evaluation of tools for long read RNA-seq splice-aware alignment
K Križanović, A Echchiki, J Roux, M Šikić
Bioinformatics, 2017
vHOG, a multispecies vertebrate ontology of homologous organs groups
A Niknejad, A Comte, G Parmentier, J Roux, FB Bastian, ...
Bioinformatics 28 (7), 1017-1020, 2012
The SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics’ resources: focus on curated databases
SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics Members
Nucleic acids research 44 (D1), D27-D37, 2015
BgeeDB, an R package for retrieval of curated expression datasets and for gene list expression localization enrichment tests
A Komljenovic, J Roux, J Wollbrett, M Robinson-Rechavi, FB Bastian
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Selective constraints on coding sequences of nervous system genes are a major determinant of duplicate gene retention in vertebrates
J Roux, J Liu, M Robinson-Rechavi
Molecular biology and evolution 34 (11), 2773-2791, 2017
An ontology to clarify homology-related concepts
J Roux, M Robinson-Rechavi
Trends in Genetics 26 (3), 99-102, 2010
Comparative modular analysis of gene expression in vertebrate organs
B Piasecka, Z Kutalik, J Roux, S Bergmann, M Robinson-Rechavi
BMC genomics 13 (1), 124, 2012
A Comparative Assessment of Human and Chimpanzee iPSC-derived Cardiomyocytes with Primary Heart Tissues
BJ Pavlovic, LE Blake, J Roux, C Chavarria, Y Gilad
Scientific Reports 8 (1), 15312, 2018
Sex differentiation in grayling (Salmonidae) goes through an all-male stage and is delayed in genetic males who instead grow faster
D Maitre, OM Selmoni, A Uppal, LM Da Cunha, LGE Wilkins, J Roux, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-11, 2017
The expansion of amino-acid repeats is not associated to adaptive evolution in mammalian genes
F Cruz, J Roux, M Robinson-Rechavi
BMC genomics 10 (1), 619, 2009
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