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The Phaeodactylum genome reveals the evolutionary history of diatom genomes
C Bowler, AE Allen, JH Badger, J Grimwood, K Jabbari, A Kuo, ...
Nature 456 (7219), 239, 2008
Ensembl Genomes 2016: more genomes, more complexity
PJ Kersey, JE Allen, I Armean, S Boddu, BJ Bolt, D Carvalho-Silva, ...
Nucleic acids research 44 (D1), D574-D580, 2015
A model for carbohydrate metabolism in the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum deduced from comparative whole genome analysis
PG Kroth, A Chiovitti, A Gruber, V Martin-Jezequel, T Mock, MS Parker, ...
PloS one 3 (1), e1426, 2008
Whole-cell response of the pennate diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum to iron starvation
AE Allen, J LaRoche, U Maheswari, M Lommer, N Schauer, PJ Lopez, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (30), 10438-10443, 2008
Ensembl Genomes 2013: scaling up access to genome-wide data
PJ Kersey, JE Allen, M Christensen, P Davis, LJ Falin, C Grabmueller, ...
Nucleic acids research 42 (D1), D546-D552, 2013
Ensembl Genomes 2018: an integrated omics infrastructure for non-vertebrate species
PJ Kersey, JE Allen, A Allot, M Barba, S Boddu, BJ Bolt, D Carvalho-Silva, ...
Nucleic acids research 46 (D1), D802-D808, 2017
Ensembl Genomes: extending Ensembl across the taxonomic space
PJ Kersey, D Lawson, E Birney, PS Derwent, M Haimel, J Herrero, ...
Nucleic acids research 38 (suppl_1), D563-D569, 2009
Comparative genomics of the pennate diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum
A Montsant, K Jabbari, U Maheswari, C Bowler
Plant Physiology 137 (2), 500-513, 2005
Ensembl Genomes: an integrative resource for genome-scale data from non-vertebrate species
PJ Kersey, DM Staines, D Lawson, E Kulesha, P Derwent, JC Humphrey, ...
Nucleic acids research 40 (D1), D91-D97, 2011
The diatom EST database
U Maheswari, A Montsant, J Goll, S Krishnasamy, KR Rajyashri, VM Patell, ...
Nucleic acids research 33 (suppl_1), D344-D347, 2005
Identification And Comparative Genomic Analysis Of Signaling And Regulatory Components In The Diatom Thalassiosira Pseudonana 1
A Montsant, AE Allen, S Coesel, AD Martino, A Falciatore, M Mangogna, ...
Journal of Phycology 43 (3), 585-604, 2007
Digital expression profiling of novel diatom transcripts provides insight into their biological functions
U Maheswari, K Jabbari, JL Petit, BM Porcel, AE Allen, JP Cadoret, ...
Genome biology 11 (8), R85, 2010
Update of the Diatom EST Database: a new tool for digital transcriptomics
U Maheswari, T Mock, EV Armbrust, C Bowler
Nucleic acids research 37 (suppl_1), D1001-D1005, 2008
Transcription factor families inferred from genome sequences of photosynthetic stramenopiles
E Rayko, F Maumus, U Maheswari, K Jabbari, C Bowler
New Phytologist 188 (1), 52-66, 2010
Physiological and molecular evidence that environmental changes elicit morphological interconversion in the model diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum
A De Martino, A Bartual, A Willis, A Meichenin, B Villazán, U Maheswari, ...
Protist 162 (3), 462-481, 2011
Diatomics: toward diatom functional genomics
A Montsant, U Maheswari, C Bowler, PJ Lopez
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 5 (1), 5-14, 2005
Oncogenic microRNA 17-92 cluster is regulated by epithelial cell adhesion molecule and could be a potential therapeutic target in retinoblastoma
MM Kandalam, M Beta, UK Maheswari, S Swaminathan, S Krishnakumar
Molecular vision 18, 2279, 2012
A novel in vitro three-dimensional retinoblastoma model for evaluating chemotherapeutic drugs
M Mitra, C Mohanty, A Harilal, UK Maheswari, SK Sahoo, S Krishnakumar
Molecular vision 18, 1361, 2012
Novel epithelial cell adhesion molecule antibody conjugated polyethyleneimine-capped gold nanoparticles for enhanced and targeted small interfering RNA delivery to …
M Mitra, M Kandalam, J Rangasamy, B Shankar, UK Maheswari, ...
Molecular vision 19, 1029, 2013
Reversal of stathmin-mediated microtubule destabilization sensitizes retinoblastoma cells to a low dose of antimicrotubule agents: a novel synergistic therapeutic intervention
M Mitra, M Kandalam, CS Sundaram, RS Verma, UK Maheswari, ...
Investigative ophthalmology & visual science 52 (8), 5441-5448, 2011
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