Dong-Ho Lee
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Beyond the Imitation Game: Quantifying and extrapolating the capabilities of language models
A Srivastava, A Rastogi, A Rao, AAM Shoeb, A Abid, A Fisch, AR Brown, ...
TMLR, 2022
TriggerNER: Learning with Entity Triggers as Explanations for Named Entity Recognition
BY Lin*, DH Lee*, M Shen, R Moreno, X Huang, P Shiralkar, X Ren
ACL 2020, 2020
Pre-training Text-to-Text Transformers for Concept-centric Common Sense
W Zhou*, DH Lee*, RK Selvam, S Lee, BY Lin, X Ren
ICLR 2021, 2020
Good Examples Make A Faster Learner: Simple Demonstration-based Learning for Low-resource NER
DH Lee, A Kadakia, K Tan, M Agarwal, X Feng, T Shibuya, R Mitani, ...
ACL 2022, 2021
Fake news detection using deep learning
DH Lee, YR Kim, HJ Kim, SM Park, YJ Yang
Journal of Information Processing Systems 15 (5), 1119-1130, 2019
AlpacaTag: An Active Learning-based Crowd Annotation Framework for Sequence Tagging
BY Lin*, DH Lee*, FF Xu, O Lan, X Ren
ACL 2019, 2019
RiddleSense: Reasoning about Riddle Questions Featuring Linguistic Creativity and Commonsense Knowledge
BY Lin, Z Wu, Y Yang, DH Lee, X Ren
ACL 2021 Findings, 2021
ForecastQA: A Question Answering Challenge for Event Forecasting with Temporal Text Data
W Jin, R Khanna, S Kim, DH Lee, F Morstatter, A Galstyan, X Ren
ACL 2021, 2020
Systematizing Confidence in Open Research and Evidence (SCORE)
N Alipourfard, B Arendt, DJ Benjamin, N Benkler, M Bishop, M Burstein, ...
SocArXiv, 2021
LEAN-LIFE: A Label-Efficient Annotation Framework Towards Learning from Explanation
DH Lee*, R Khanna*, BY Lin, J Chen, S Lee, Q Ye, E Boschee, L Neves, ...
ACL 2020, 2020
Temporal Knowledge Graph Forecasting Without Knowledge Using In-Context Learning
DH Lee*, K Ahrabian*, W Jin, F Morstatter, J Pujara
EMNLP 2023, 2023
Reflect, Not Reflex: Inference-Based Common Ground Improves Dialogue Response Quality
P Zhou, H Cho, P Jandaghi, DH Lee, BY Lin, J Pujara, X Ren
EMNLP 2022, 2022
XMD: An End-to-End Framework for Interactive Explanation-Based Debugging of NLP Models
DH Lee, A Kadakia, B Joshi, A Chan, Z Liu, K Narahari, T Shibuya, ...
ACL 2023, 2022
Making Large Language Models Better Data Creators
DH Lee, J Pujara, M Sewak, RW White, SK Jauhar
EMNLP 2023, 2023
Leveraging Visual Knowledge in Language Tasks: An Empirical Study on Intermediate Pre-training for Cross-modal Knowledge Transfer
W Jin*, DH Lee*, C Zhu, J Pujara, X Ren
ACL 2022, 2022
AutoTriggER: Label-Efficient and Robust Named Entity Recognition with Auxiliary Trigger Extraction
DH Lee, RK Selvam, SM Sarwar, BY Lin, F Morstatter, J Pujara, ...
EACL 2023, 2023
Machine-Assisted Script Curation
MR Ciosici, J Cummings, M DeHaven, A Hedges, Y Kankanampati, ...
NAACL 2021, 2021
Seq2Seq-SC: End-to-End Semantic Communication Systems with Pre-trained Language Model
JH Lee*, DH Lee*, E Sheen, T Choi, J Pujara
IEEE Asilomar 2023, 2022
Perhaps PTLMs Should Go to School--A Task to Assess Open Book and Closed Book QA
MR Ciosici, J Cecil, A Hedges, DH Lee, M Freedman, R Weischedel
EMNLP 2021, 2021
Evaluating Very Long-Term Conversational Memory of LLM Agents
A Maharana, DH Lee, S Tulyakov, M Bansal, F Barbieri, Y Fang
ACL 2024, 2024
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