Brice Beffara-Bret
Brice Beffara-Bret
Lecturer/MCF, Université de Nantes (Fr)
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Resting high frequency heart rate variability selectively predicts cooperative behavior
B Beffara, AG Bret, N Vermeulen, M Mermillod
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Right-Wing Authoritarianism Predicts weakened Attitude Change in an Evaluative Counter-conditioning Paradigm
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Variabilité cardiaque de haute fréquence et comportements prosociaux: Approche causale de la théorie polyvagale
B Beffara
Effect of mindfulness on emotion regulation and health behaviors
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RETRACTED ARTICLE: Ambiguous Emotional Processing and Embodiment
B Beffara, M Ouellet, A Basu, M Mermillod, N Vermeulen
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Can we test the influence of prosociality on high frequency heart rate variability? A double-blind sham-controlled approach.
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Resting high frequency heart rate variability is not associated with the recognition of emotional facial expressions in healthy human adults.
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Is the Devil (or Angel) Located in Frontal Cortical Areas
M Mermillod, B Beffara, A Bret, J Lepage, T Morisseau, N Vermeulen
Conference Abstract: XII International Conference on Cognitive Neuroscience …, 2015
Retraction Note to: Ambiguous Emotional Processing and Embodiment
B Beffara, M Ouellet, A Basu, M Mermillod, N Vermeulen
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Processing various conceptual metaphors at the same time with a bad mood
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Anthropomorphising Ourselves : The Origin of the Free Will Illusion
A Bret, B Beffara
Student Journal of Psychology 2 (1), 28-30, 2013
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