Thomas Macartney
Thomas Macartney
Molecular Bilologist, University of Dundee
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PINK1 is activated by mitochondrial membrane potential depolarization and stimulates Parkin E3 ligase activity by phosphorylating Serine 65
C Kondapalli, A Kazlauskaite, N Zhang, HI Woodroof, DG Campbell, ...
Open biology 2 (5), 120080, 2012
Coordination of structure-specific nucleases by human SLX4/BTBD12 is required for DNA repair
IM Muñoz, K Hain, AC Déclais, M Gardiner, GW Toh, L Sanchez-Pulido, ...
Molecular cell 35 (1), 116-127, 2009
Identification of KIAA1018/FAN1, a DNA repair nuclease recruited to DNA damage by monoubiquitinated FANCD2
C MacKay, AC Déclais, C Lundin, A Agostinho, AJ Deans, TJ MacArtney, ...
Cell 142 (1), 65-76, 2010
14-3-3 binding to LRRK2 is disrupted by multiple Parkinson's disease-associated mutations and regulates cytoplasmic localization
RJ Nichols, N Dzamko, NA Morrice, DG Campbell, M Deak, A Ordureau, ...
Biochemical Journal 430 (3), 393-404, 2010
The CUL3–KLHL3 E3 ligase complex mutated in Gordon's hypertension syndrome interacts with and ubiquitylates WNK isoforms: disease-causing mutations in KLHL3 and WNK4 disrupt …
A Ohta, FR Schumacher, Y Mehellou, C Johnson, A Knebel, TJ Macartney, ...
Biochemical Journal 451 (1), 111-122, 2013
The WNK-regulated SPAK/OSR1 kinases directly phosphorylate and inhibit the K+–Cl co-transporters
P de Los Heros, DR Alessi, R Gourlay, DG Campbell, M Deak, ...
Biochemical Journal 458 (3), 559-573, 2014
DVC1 (C1orf124) recruits the p97 protein segregase to sites of DNA damage
EJ Davis, C Lachaud, P Appleton, TJ Macartney, I Näthke, J Rouse
Nature structural & molecular biology 19 (11), 1093, 2012
Cooperative control of holliday junction resolution and DNA repair by the SLX1 and MUS81-EME1 nucleases
D Castor, N Nair, AC Déclais, C Lachaud, R Toth, TJ Macartney, ...
Molecular cell 52 (2), 221-233, 2013
Phosphoproteomic screening identifies Rab GTP ases as novel downstream targets of PINK 1
YC Lai, C Kondapalli, R Lehneck, JB Procter, BD Dill, HI Woodroof, ...
The EMBO journal 34 (22), 2840-2861, 2015
USP11 augments TGFβ signalling by deubiquitylating ALK5
MA Al-Salihi, L Herhaus, T Macartney, GP Sapkota
Open biology 2 (6), 120063, 2012
Phosphorylation of Parkin at Serine65 is essential for activation: elaboration of a Miro1 substrate-based assay of Parkin E3 ligase activity
A Kazlauskaite, V Kelly, C Johnson, C Baillie, CJ Hastie, M Peggie, ...
Open biology 4 (3), 130213, 2014
OTUB1 enhances TGFβ signalling by inhibiting the ubiquitylation and degradation of active SMAD2/3
L Herhaus, M Al-Salihi, T Macartney, S Weidlich, GP Sapkota
Nature communications 4 (1), 1-13, 2013
Identification of the MMS22L-TONSL complex that promotes homologous recombination
E Duro, C Lundin, K Ask, L Sanchez-Pulido, TJ MacArtney, R Toth, ...
Molecular cell 40 (4), 632-644, 2010
The Parkinson's disease VPS35 [D620N] mutation enhances LRRK2-mediated Rab protein phosphorylation in mouse and human
R Mir, F Tonelli, P Lis, T Macartney, NK Polinski, TN Martinez, MY Chou, ...
Biochemical Journal 475 (11), 1861-1883, 2018
Roles of the TRAF6 and Pellino E3 ligases in MyD88 and RANKL signaling
S Strickson, CH Emmerich, ETH Goh, J Zhang, IR Kelsall, T Macartney, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (17), E3481-E3489, 2017
Phosphorylation of synaptic vesicle protein 2A at Thr84 by casein kinase 1 family kinases controls the specific retrieval of synaptotagmin-1
N Zhang, SL Gordon, MJ Fritsch, N Esoof, DG Campbell, R Gourlay, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 35 (6), 2492-2507, 2015
An affinity-directed protein missile system for targeted proteolysis
LJ Fulcher, T Macartney, P Bozatzi, A Hornberger, A Rojas-Fernandez, ...
Open biology 6 (10), 160255, 2016
Targeting endogenous proteins for degradation through the affinity-directed protein missile system
LJ Fulcher, LD Hutchinson, TJ Macartney, C Turnbull, GP Sapkota
Open biology 7 (5), 170066, 2017
Distinct functional roles for the two SLX4 ubiquitin-binding UBZ domains mutated in Fanconi anemia
C Lachaud, D Castor, K Hain, I Muñoz, J Wilson, TJ MacArtney, ...
Journal of cell science 127 (13), 2811-2817, 2014
Rapid generation of endogenously driven transcriptional reporters in cells through CRISPR/Cas9
A Rojas-Fernandez, L Herhaus, T Macartney, C Lachaud, RT Hay, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-6, 2015
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