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Julie C. Canman
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Cytoplasmic dynein/dynactin drives kinetochore protein transport to the spindle poles and has a role in mitotic spindle checkpoint inactivation
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The Mad1/Mad2 complex as a template for Mad2 activation in the spindle assembly checkpoint
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Merotelic kinetochore orientation occurs frequently during early mitosis in mammalian tissue cells and error correction is achieved by two different mechanisms
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The human SWI/SNF-B chromatin-remodeling complex is related to yeast rsc and localizes at kinetochores of mitotic chromosomes
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Determining the position of the cell division plane
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C. elegans PAR proteins function by mobilizing and stabilizing asymmetrically localized protein complexes
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EB1 targets to kinetochores with attached, polymerizing microtubules
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Nuf2 and Hec1 are required for retention of the checkpoint proteins Mad1 and Mad2 to kinetochores
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Inhibition of Rac by the GAP activity of centralspindlin is essential for cytokinesis
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Mad2 and BubR1 function in a single checkpoint pathway that responds to a loss of tension
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The role of pre-and post-anaphase microtubules in the cytokinesis phase of the cell cycle
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Microtubules suppress actomyosin-based cortical flow in Xenopus oocytes
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[26] Spinning disk confocal microscope system for rapid high-resolution, multimode, fluorescence speckle microscopy and green fluorescent protein imaging in living cells
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Rho GTPases in animal cell cytokinesis: an occupation by the one percent
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Taxol-stabilized microtubules can position the cytokinetic furrow in mammalian cells
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High-resolution temporal analysis reveals a functional timeline for the molecular regulation of cytokinesis
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A bidirectional relationship between sleep and oxidative stress in Drosophila
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Chromosome segregation occurs by microtubule pushing in oocytes
K Laband, R Le Borgne, F Edwards, M Stefanutti, JC Canman, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-11, 2017
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